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  Europeana is Europe’s digital library, museum and archive. gives access to over 27 million objects. The Europeana project aggregates metadata records from over 2000 European GLAMs and making those records available on the Europeana portal and through the Europeana Search API. All Europeana meta data is licenced CC0. See also the Europeana coordination page on Meta.

A variety of Europeana projects have involved uploading to Wikimedia Commons as part of the partnership.

Europeana FashionEdit

Content donations and several editathons relating to fashion. See Category:Europeana Fashion. For details see the documentation page on Meta

Europeana 1989Edit

Content donations related to the European political events in that year. See Category:Europeana 1989. For details see the documentation page on Meta

Europeana 1914-18Edit

This project is a crowdsourced digitisation of privately owned material relating to World War I at many scan-a-thon days across the continent, as part of the Centenary commemorations of the "Great War". See Category:Europeana 1914-1918. For details see the documentation page on Meta and the website homepage at:

See BaGLAMa and GLAMorous for usage statistics.

From this massive collection, approximately a thousand files were uploaded by Europeana directly to Commons as a batch uploading using the GLAMwiki Toolset. This material was hand selected by Europeana staff to be of high encyclopedic value as well as being compliant with Wikimedia Commons' copyright policies. Two types of material has been uploaded:

  1. Europeana staff photographs of 3-dimensional objects (e.g. helmets, medals,
  2. Scans of 2-dimensional objects (e.g. official documents, photographs, postcards)

To see the progress of metadata post-processing, as well as documentation of the licensing and known issues, visit:

/Europeana 1914-1918

Upload partnershipsEdit

In some cases, Europeana staff upload to Commons freely-licensed materials that have been shared on the Europeana platform by their partner institutions. These uploads will always take the license template: Europeana PD-own upload.

Lithuanian Art MuseumEdit

This file was donated to Wikimedia Commons by Lithuanian Art Museum as part of a cooperation project. The donation was facilitated by Europeana.

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In June 2015, ~470 "Public Domain marked" photographs from the Lithuanian Art Museum were imported from Europeana to Commons with the GLAMwiki Toolset. The collection can be viewed on Europeana with this search query and on Commons at Category:Photographs in the Lithuanian Art Museum.