Commons:File redirects

File redirects behave as expected from redirects: they are an alternative name for a given file.

Redirects left after a file renamingEdit

After a File renaming, a redirect from the old name is automatically created (always for filemovers, though admins may prevent it).

These redirects should almost never be deleted.[1][2][3][4] :

Removing redirects:

  • breaks old references to the work when viewing older revisions in eg Wikipedia articles (before the passage of the Delinker) ;
  • breaks external references (external websites, books, etc.) including attribution links ;
  • breaks hotlinks[5] ;

Overall, remember that redirects do not cost anything.[6]

Redirects directly createdEdit

Redirects may be used to provide a permanent to a media expected to change − see Commons:Overwriting existing files#Using redirects


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