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Commons:Flickr batch uploading/Graduating class- officer candidates, A.A.F.T.T.C., Miami Beach, Florida

Graduating class- officer candidates, A.A.F.T.T.C., Miami Beach, FloridaEdit

Collection of Tichnor Brothers postcards relating to the Army Air Force Training at what is now Edwards Air Force base. Released by the Boston Public Library. Please note that they have posted they with a CC license, but we have confirmed that they were published before 1978 with no copyright notice, so the license would need to be changed after upload. (I can do this if needed).

Please upload all the images on this page with "A.A.F.T.T.C" in the image title.

I checked the stream and all images (with usable licence) should imported IMHO, because thats a greate collection. All images I see has Rights: No known restrictions but under CC license. I think we should import them with the CC licence (in a single category) and later a bot can scan this category and replace the licence on all images that have Rights: No known restrictions in the description and maybe format the description with the given values. Thats the easiest way I guess. Other Opinions? --Slick (talk) 11:38, 18 May 2013 (UTC)


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