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Commons:Flickr batch uploading/Turkey by Adam Jones

Turkey by Adam JonesEdit

Please upload all hi-es images from and add all photos to Category:Photos by Adam Jones All images are my own work (Adam Jones, Ph.D.) and are posted under a Creative Commons 2.0 license.


Assigned to Progress Bot name Category

@Adam63: I am willing to upload all of these images if this request is still open, I just checked Commons:FOP#Turkey so this should be able to be hosted here on Wikimedia Commons, however this request was last edited in 2014, so should I still import all of these images? Will you sort them all out yourself or should I help research the best categories for you? Yes, 3 (three) years is a long time to wait, but in case this request is still open I am more than eager to help out.   P.S. Your name means “bloke” in Turkish. :-P

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