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GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums) dashboard pages (list) show statistics relating to batches of images, typically uploaded by a GLAM.


They include these sub-pages:


The 24 largest (and thus usually highest-resolution) files in the batch.

Most editedEdit

The 24 most-edited pages.

Popular categoriesEdit

The top 100 categories used most often in the batch.


The Wikimedia Commons volunteers who have made the most edits to the batch. Be nice to these people!

Wikimedia usageEdit

The most-used 24 images in the batch. Click through to an individual image for a list of Wikimedia project pages in which it is used. (Note: this tool does not track usage on websites outside Wikimedia projects.)


To request that a GLAM dashboard be created for your project, and for technical information on how these dashboards are compiled, please see User:Faebot/GLAM dashboard.

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