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The following are online sources of the upload:

President's Speeches

President's Speeches and Statements: Reading Copies: 1974 - 1977 (complete to 04/19/1975)

National Security Council Meetings

Cabinet meetings and seating chart

Trips of the President

Activities and Trips of the First Lady

Gerald R. Ford Presidential Daily Diary

White House press Releases, 1974-77 (complete to 01/20/1977)

Betty Ford Speeches (incomplete)

Kissinger Reports on USSR, China, and the Middle East discussions, 1974 - 1976

National Security Adviser. Memoranda of Conversations, 1973-1977

National Security Decision Memoranda and National Security Study Memoranda Copy Set, 1974-1977

Special Assistant for Native American Programs Files 1974-76

White House Special Files Unit, Presidential Files, 1974-1977 (incomplete)

Administrator of the Federal Energy Administration papers (Frank Zarb), 1974 - 1977

President Ford Committee Weekly Reports to the President 1975 - 1976 (incomplete)

Gerald R. Ford Vice Presidential Papers, 1973-74

Gerald R. Ford Congressional Papers, 1949 - 1973

Gerald R. Ford Student file 1937-1974:

Grand Rapids friend of Gerald Ford: FREDERICA PANTLIND Papers , 1933-38

Grand Rapids friends of Gerald Ford

Investigatory records on Gerald Ford, applicant for a Naval commission, 1941-75