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Glam2Commons logo depicting an overlap of Commons and a GLAM

Glam2Commons (link to tool) is a tool which allows any Wikimedia Commons user to import images to Commons from the online repositories of a number of GLAMs (galleries, libraries, archives and museums) easily. This tool has been designed to be user friendly so that it minimizes and simplifies the upload workflow for the Commons users.

There are several related batch uploading tools which help GLAMs to easily upload (part) of their digital content to Commons. Glam2Commons differs from those tools in that not the whole collection, but only those images in which a user is interested will be uploaded. This can be useful when uploading the full collection is not feasible for a number of reasons (copyright restrictions, duplicates, some information can not be determined on a large scale). Before Glam2Commons users could upload these images manually but that both requires the Commons user to be fairly familiar with the technicalities of image uploading and is time consuming. Glam2Commons provides a new easy-to-use work flow for the Commons users.


How to use Glam2CommonsEdit

Please follow the following steps to use the tool.

  • Go to
  • Login to Wikimedia Commons using OAuth.
  • Choose from which GLAM you want to upload images in a dropdown menu.
  • Enter the URL or unique identifier of the image you want to upload if known.
  • If you do not know the URL or unique identifier then you can search for images by entering a search term.
  • You may provide the categories of the images (you also add these to the image on Commons after uploading).
  • Press the Upload or See Image Gallery button
    • If you entered a URL or unique identifier the file will now be uploaded.
  • If you have entered a search string you will see an image gallery. Choose the images you want to upload and press the Upload to Commons button.
    • The image/images will be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons and you will be shown their location in Wikimedia Commons.
  • To do another upload click on the Home menu and repeat the previous steps.

You may also click to the Help menu button on the tool's interface to see these instructions.

Supported GLAMsEdit

Suggesting a new GLAMEdit

We want to support a lot more GLAMs where the Glam2Commons workflow is preferable over batch uploading. For a new GLAM to be supported a metadata-mapping has to be created. Anyone may suggest to add a new GLAM. This can be done on the talk page, if you feel comfortable you can also create a metadata mapping yourself.


If you have any queries or feedback please feel free to contact any of us (Infobliss, Bas, Zhuyifei) or leave your questions on the talk page.


Recent uploads with Glam2Commons can be found using this tag

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