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Translating workshopsEdit

See Commons:Graphic Lab/top/en for an example of the English translation. The layout is as follows:

{{Commons:Graphic Lab/top/layout
  • title1= Name of the Illustration Workshop.
  • title2= Name of the Map Workshop.
  • title3= Name of the Photography Workshop.
  • title4= Name of the Video and Sound Workshop.
  • intro= The introduction given about the Graphic Lab and its workshops.
  • description1= Description about the Illustration Workshop.
  • description2= Description about the Map Workshop.
  • description3= Description about the Photography Workshop.
  • description4= Description about the Video and Sound Workshop.
  • reqtitle= Title for the "make a request" area (English=Make a new request).
  • dropdowntitle= The title shown on the dropdown bar (English= Show manual procedures).
  • dropdowncontent= The content in the dropdown (describes the format for making a new request)
  • reqbutton= The words in the big green box (English=Make a new request).
  • seealso1= The contents of the "see also" for the illustration workshop.
  • seealso2= The contents of the "see also" for the map workshop.
  • seealso3= The contents of the "see also" for the photography workshop.
  • seealso4= The contents of the "see also" for the video/sound workshop.
  • archive1= Archive description for illustration workshop (e.g. Completed requests for the illustration workshop are archived regularly).
  • archive2=Archive description for map workshop.
  • archive3=Archive description for photography workshop.
  • archive4=Archive description for video/sound workshop.


Implementing the translationEdit

Create a subpage with a title like Commons:Graphic Lab/top/en, substituting en with the language code. Save, and you will have created a translation for all workshops! Proofreading is also welcomed.

Currently translated subpagesEdit