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The National Library of Sweden‎ (Swedish: Kungliga biblioteket, KB) has been collecting virtually everything printed in Sweden or in Swedish since 1661. We also collect TV and radio programs, movies and videos distributed in Sweden, Swedish music and computer games.

The National Library is a humanities research library that purchases scholarly publications in several languages. We coordinate services and programs for all publically funded libraries in Sweden and administer and develop Libris, the national library catalog system.


A bit about why KB's mission (digitization/free content wise) and how projects are selected

The projectsEdit

Diary of Nicodemus Tessin (the younger)Edit

diary from a trip through Europe 1687-1688...

See Category:Nicodemus Tessin den yngre dagbok från resa 1687-1688 for all images

Rålamb Costume BookEdit


See Category:Rålamb Costume Book - KB digitisation for all images

Suecia antiqua et hodiernaEdit




See Category:Maps digitised by the National Library of Sweden‎ for all images

The imagesEdit

All material uploaded by the Kungbib account comes from the collections of the National Library of Sweden and are either in the Public Domain, due to their age, or freely licensed (with an associated OTRS ticket).

  • Where additional copyrights might be bestowed on the digitized image theses have also been released under a free license so as to make the images easier to use in any jurisdiction.

That means that anyone can copy, modify and disseminate the images, but please keep in mind that the images have a context that can be lost if you forget to link to the file page here on Wikimedia Commons or directly to the website of the National Library of Sweden.

All uploads go into Images from the National Library of Sweden. To browse them it is however recommended to start with one of the project specific subcategories listed above.

To see how the images are used on Wikipedia you may use the Glamorous tool and to see how often the images have been displayed you may use the BaGLAMa tool.

For an overall view see the compact report.

Reporting errorsEdit

Technical problems resulting from the way we receive the metadata can be reported at the talk page.

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