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English: The Netherlands is divided into 12 provinces, and individual monuments lists are split per municipality (gemeente). The Dutch Wikipedia has further split the larger of these lists into regions (especially in older cities such as Amsterdam or Utrecht). Clicking on the name of a province below will show the top level monuments list per province in the Dutch Wikipedia. Prefixed with "Lijst van rijksmonumenten in", the lists may be anywhere from 2 to 5 levels deep. In the case of Amsterdam, where rijksmonuments are very densely packed together, it helps to know the name of the neighborhood (buurt) or street (straat). Amsterdam has 28 separate lists, and the overview contains map thumbnails to facilitate searching.
Nederlands: Deze pagina bevat een overzicht van de lijsten van rijksmonumenten, gerangschikt per provincie in Nederland. De lijsten bevatten een onderverdeling van de rijksmonumenten per gemeente in de betreffende provincie.

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