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On are multiple commons-related mailing lists hosted.



The purpose of Commons-l list is to discuss the organization of the content, to announce interesting projects, to debate required technical enhancements, to find ways to collaborate with other similar media archives, and so on.

Write to the mailing list at commons-l If you are not subscribed, your mail will not be sent to list subscribers. You can subscribe at here.

Posts in any language are welcome, but English is the language most commonly used.


This is a announce-only mailing list and provides information about the current picture of the day. You can subscribe at here.

For more information see Commons:Daily-image-l


A list for photoreporters of Wikimedia Commons. Expected topics include accreditation programs, choice of gear, control tuning, etc.

  • Publicly archived: Yes


The current archive is only available to the list members.

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