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Browser support

The latest versions of all major browsers are able to play sound files and videos without any additional codecs or software.

Internet Explorer

Playback by default uses a JavaScript+Flash compatibility layer that requires IE 10 or later. For high-definition video support, install the WebM components for IE from Google.

IE 9 does not support the JavaScript player, and requires the WebM components.

Internet Explorer 9 (optionally) and later versions also available on Windows 8 (default) support plug-in free browsing, which will break playback due to use of Flash for audio playback.

Microsoft Edge

Playback by default uses a JavaScript compatibility layer. For high-definition video support, install the WebM components for IE from Google.

Windows Phone

Windows Phone 8.1 and earlier are not supported. Windows 10 Mobile will be supported in the Edge browser, but does not yet work in preview builds.


Avètz besonh d'un logicial per jogar aqueles fichièrs. Per defaut, vos caldriá aver lo Lector Windows Media ; una autra solucion es d'utilizar lo logicial VideoLAN que sap perfièchament jogar los fichièrs OGG.


Now you have to download a necessary extension (codec), so that your media player will be able to play sound and video files with the Ogg Vorbis file type (sound files) and with the Ogg Theora file type (video files).

  1. I pòt aver besonh de telecargar de codecs per d'autres logicials multimèdia. Per aquò, podètz utilizar los del site [1], en clicant sul ligam a drecha Windows 32/64-bit Installer.
  2. Un còp lo fichièr telecargat, dobrissètz-lo e seguissètz la procedura d'installacion.

Autras questions

Per d'autras questions, venètz a la Tavèrna demandar d'ajuda.