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Browser support

The latest versions of all major browsers are able to play sound files and videos without any additional codecs or software.


Playback uses a JavaScript compatibility layer that requires Safari 6.1 or later. macOS 10.6 and earlier, including all PowerPC Macs, are not supported.

Downloading files

If you are not using one of the above web browsers, you only need to download and install one of the following players.

VLC Mediaplayer

VLC media player isch ä Mediaplayer wue sowohl Vorbis als au Theora Datei spiele konn.

  1. Gä uff d VLC player Mac OS X download page'
  2. Suech diä ä entschprechndi Version vun de Software zuem runtrlade rus.
  3. Wart bies diä Dsikimagedatei runterglade isch. Des sott so 18 Minuete biem 56k Modem dur, odr schnellr bie ra schnellre Vobindung.
  4. Wenn de Download duerch isch, doppleklick ufd d Diskimagedatei um diä zue mounte.
  5. Kopier diär d VLC Applikation in dinnr Applicationsfolder.
  6. Sobal de Kopiervorgong fertig isch, konsch de VLD fiers abspiele vun Audio und Video vowende.

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