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Browser support

The latest versions of all major browsers are able to play sound files and videos without any additional codecs or software.


Playback uses a JavaScript compatibility layer that requires Safari 6.1 or later. macOS 10.6 and earlier, including all PowerPC Macs, are not supported.


在Mac计算机上播放Ogg Vorbis声音文件和Ogg Theora视频文件,只需下载并安装下列任意一个播放器。

VLC media player

进入这个网站并在OS X版(13 MB; 7,3 MB)列表中选择一个链接。 下载了光盘镜像后,打开它会在你的桌面上显示一个虚拟光盘。把光盘中的VLC.app复制到你的Applications文件夹。你就可以播放共享资源的声音和视频文件了。