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Ing Wikimedia Commons gagamit yang simpan a Ogg Vorbis para kareng simpan a katni (sound files) ampong Ogg Theora para kareng simpan a alben (video files).

Pinili ta la deng uring simpan a reti kesa kareng aliwang mas maralas magagamit uling alang pigaganakan a patent o paintulut kareng simpan a Ogg. Abalu mu kareng makatuking bulung nung sanung software ampong codec ing kailangang gamitan ba lang paganan o patigtig deng kekatamung media file.

The latest versions of all major desktop web browsers are able to play sound files and videos without any additional codecs or software. Mobile browsers like iOS and Android support MP3 and WAV but Android also supports Ogg.

Nung maintun kang saup king pamaglalang o pamag-edit kareng simpan a media, lon me ing Commons:Software ampo ing Commons:Video/Commons:Audio.
Pilinan me ing kekang operating system: