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Commons:Mobile access/Mobile upload needing check


Mobile uploads: junk ratio

After long discussions, uploads to Commons through the mobile/web interface have been turned off on . Reason for this was the enormous amount of copyright violations and useless files uploaded throught this channel, with a peak of 100% junk on . Lots of these junk files were being discovered through recent uploads patrolling and subsequently deleted. However, the portion of copyright violations and out-of-scope files among the remaining mobile uploads is still high. Since we don't have to deal with new mobile uploads at the moment, we should now have a bit of extra time to go through all the remaining files previously uploaded from a mobile device again. This is also a great opportunity to add some Categories and clean up the file description pages of the "good" uploads.

Further readingEdit

How to checkEdit

  1. pick a date from the list by clicking on the link to the mobile upload log
  2. check every file not yet deleted for:
    1. copyright violations
    2. Commons:SCOPE
  3. mark inappropriate files for deletion
  4. while you're at it: ideally clean up the remaining files concerning
    1. categories
    2. descriptions
    3. date= field (if missing, put in {{According to EXIF}} or {{Original upload date}})
  5. make your way through the list by clicking on older 50 until you reach the previous day
  6. when finished with a day, mark it as done (using {{done}} --~~~~)
  •   Attention: Most of the very obvious cases have probably already been taken care of, so please take your time to do this thoroughly.
  • It may be a good idea to mark the day's log you are currently working on to avoid two people working on the same day. You can do this by putting something like {{On hold|I'll have this done by Tuesday}} --~~~~ next to the day's entry in the list
  • If you come across single files you are unsure about, list them below the day's entry in the list to get a second opinion

useful gadgetsEdit

Here are some tools (Preferences → Gadgets) that might help you reviewing files:

  • Pretty log: Adds thumbnails to the log pages.
  • Quick Delete: Adds useful links to tag files as missing source/license/permission or for deletion, and notify users accordingly
  • Tineye tab: On File pages, adds a new tab to easily search for similar images on the Internet using Tineye.
  • GoogleImages tab: On File pages, adds a new tab to easily search for similar images on the Internet using Google Images.

early uploadsEdit

Probably OK, but if someone cares to check:

Daily upload logsEdit















Starting May 8, 2014 mobile/web uploads were scrutinized shortly after the upload. There should not be many problem cases left in the logs below; but they may still need categorization, moving to better names, improving the description, and other cleanup.



Starting July 16, 2014, daily statistics with mention of some remaining dubious cases were reported in the discussion at Commons:Forum.