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You can directly access the Monuments database using Sql

Live databaseEdit

The Monuments database lives on Toollabs and is publicly accessible in the cluster. The name of the database is s51138__heritage_p on the server tools-db.


Each update run of the database includes the creation of a fresh database dump. You can download this dump here. You can even access yesterdays dump. The dumps are currently about 150MB (zipped).


The database has 100+ tables.

  • monuments_<country>_(<lang>)
  • monuments_all
  • admin_tree
  • commonscat
  • image
  • prox_search
  • statistics
  • statisticsct
  • wlpa

Please take a look at the database structure for a more detailed explanation.

Using the databaseEdit

The database layout might change without notice or move to another server. If possible you should use the API. Expect new fields to be added to monuments_all and maybe over time to have some legacy fields dropped.

Monuments database