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Category:US National Archives series: Black and White Photographs of U.S. Air Force and Predecessors' Activities, Facilities, and Personnel, Domestic and Foreign, compiled 1930 - 1975, documenting the period 1863 - 1975
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1 At the time this photo was made, smoke billowed 20,000 feet above Hiroshima while smoke from the burst of the first atom - NARA - 542192.tif ✓ Done
2 President Dwight D. Eisenhower and Secretary of State John Foster Dulles (from left) greet South Vietnam's President Ngo - NARA - 542189.tif ✓ Done
3 CookALTFH148462jpeg.jpg ✓ Done
4 Harlingen Army Air Field, Texas-Elizabeth L. Gardner of Rockford, Illinois, WASP (Women's Airforce Service Pilot)... - NARA - 542191.tif ✓ Done
5 OVER NORTHWEST KOREA - Sleek U.S. Air Force F-86 "Sabre" jets of the 51st Fighter Interceptor Wing form this... - NARA - 542186.tif ✓ Done
6 The tank of napalm dropped by Fifth Air Force B-26 Invader light bombers of the 452nd Bomb Wing (light) on this Red... - NARA - 542187.tif ✓ Done
7 At Panmunjom, Korea, POW's (recently repatriated in the UN POW exchange) are off-loaded from ambulances. Note the... - NARA - 542188.tif ✓ Done
8 A far cry from the brutal treatment given American prisoners of war by the Communist North Korean forces, is the... - NARA - 542194.tif ✓ Done
9 CAMERA TRI-POD, JET PROPELLED. Cameramen mount a giant aerial camera in the nose of a speedy but otherwise unarmed... - NARA - 542195.tif ✓ Done
10 F-80 JET ENGINE CHECKED FOR INSTALLATION. S-Sgt. Roy James, 32, of Grenada Mississippi, left front, PFC Calvin... - NARA - 542196.tif ✓ Done
11 U.S AIR FORCE B-26 GETS NEW ENGINE. This B-26 receives a new engine to put it in top shape for further missions... - NARA - 542197.tif ✓ Done
12 This formation of B-29s is shown flying over enemy territory in Korea. Over twenty-four million pounds of bombs have... - NARA - 542198.tif ✓ Done
13 When members of the United Nations Forces moved north over the 38th Parallel into the well-known industrial cities... - NARA - 542199.tif ✓ Done
14 Two Probables. These railroad bridges cross Kum River about 10 miles north of Taejon. On near bridge, left approach... - NARA - 542200.tif ✓ Done
15 Cpl. John J. Green, 19, mechanic from Eugene, Oregon, looks into the powerful engine as Cpl. Robert L. Cover, 22... - NARA - 542201.tif ✓ Done
17 BOMBS TAKE A BACK SEAT - MECHANICS COME FIRST. The No. 1 job of the Superfort units in the Far East Air Forces, is... - NARA - 542203.tif ✓ Done
18 AERIAL BROWNIE. Gun cameras are synchronized with the .50 calibre machine gun fire on U.S. Air Force F-80 jet... - NARA - 542204.tif ✓ Done
19 PHOTO INTERPRETATION. Towards dawn an RB-26C night reconnaissance aircraft returns to Japan from Korea carrying some... - NARA - 542205.tif ✓ Done
20 AIR WAR IN KOREA. A fond farewell from his family, sends Capt. Johnnie Gosnell of Borger, Texas, off on another... - NARA - 542207.tif ✓ Done
21 Proof of the havoc wrought by .50 calibre machine guns in F-80 jet fighters is provided by gun cameras which record... - NARA - 542208.tif ✓ Done
22 Almost 100 locomotives-vital to the North Korean transportation system-were destroyed when B-29 Superforts blasted... - NARA - 542209.tif ✓ Done
23 BITTER COLD, BITTER FIGHT - NARA - 542210.tif ✓ Done
24 WAITING, WAITING. These frostbite casualties of the embattled First Marine Division and Seventh Infantry Division who... - NARA - 542211.tif ✓ Done
25 NAPALM CARRIER... One undred and fifty gallons of flaming death, seventy five gallons of napalm in each of the dark... - NARA - 542212.tif ✓ Done
26 BITTER COLD, BITTER FIGHT - NARA - 542213.tif ✓ Done
27 S-Sgt. Arthur L. Goins, combat crew photographer on the RB-29 of the 31st Strategical Reconnaissance Squadron, loads... - NARA - 542215.tif ✓ Done
28 Bombs fall on Communist hordes in North Korea as mighty bombers of the U.S. Far East Air Forces Bomber Command... - NARA - 542216.tif ✓ Done
29 BACK FROM THE FIGHTING FRONT. A group of war-weary wounded soldiers stand by while one of their number is lifted from... - NARA - 542217.tif ✓ Done
30 Framed against a rugged, snow covered mountain peak in North Korea, a 5th Air Force F-86 Sabre, of the 4th Fighter ... - NARA - 542218.tif ✓ Done
31 When a target as good as this one is found, B-26 crew members of the 452nd Light Bomb Wing are reluctant to leave it... - NARA - 542219.tif ✓ Done
32 Most Feared Weapon-Prisoner interrogation has determined that napalm bombs are the most feared of all weapons used by... - NARA - 542220.tif ✓ Done
33 Bombs Away-Regardless of the type of enemy target lying in this rugged, mountainous terrain of Korea, very little... - NARA - 542221.tif ✓ Done
34 This B-26 is going hunting, and is well prepared to accommodate any Korean Communist enemy game in whatever manner it... - NARA - 542222.tif ✓ Done
35 A giant transport of the U.S. Far East Air Forces Combat Cargo Command roars in for a landing at an advanced airfield... - NARA - 542223.tif ✓ Done
36 These rockets are shown in this photo, all of them speeding towards enemy targets of the Communist in North Korea - NARA - 542224.tif ✓ Done
37 Over North Korea-Bombardiers in B-26s of the Fifth Air Force's 452 Light Bomb Wing used the " Y" in the tracks as an... - NARA - 542225.tif ✓ Done
38 Bombs Away-This Fifth Air Force B-26 Invader of the 452nd Bombardment Wing drops its load of general purpose bombs on... - NARA - 542226.tif ✓ Done
39 Corporal Eader (center with back to camera) reassures a wounded soldier as medics carry him away from Captain... - NARA - 542227.tif ✓ Done
40 A dramatic night photo caught the navigator and pilot of a Fifth Air Force B-26 "Invader" of the 3rd Bomb Wing... - NARA - 542228.tif ✓ Done
41 Bomber Command planes of the U.S. Far East Air Forces rain tons of bombs on a strategic military target of the... - NARA - 542229.tif ✓ Done
42 An unabashed Korean puppy holds his ground in an "eye to eye" encounter with a huge Fifth Air Force aerial camera... - NARA - 542230.tif ✓ Done
43 Dense clouds of smoke from earlier attacks by Fifth Air Force tactical aircraft obscures most of the target area as... - NARA - 542231.tif ✓ Done
44 COSTLY VISIT. Immediate explosion from a direct hit made be a B-26 Invader light bomber on a church containing high... - NARA - 542232.tif ✓ Done
45 Flames of destruction eat through a concentration of enemy troops on this ridge as the Fifth Air Force B-26 Invader... - NARA - 542233.tif ✓ Done
46 AT FRONT LINES IN KOREA - Tragedy is again by-passed as another fallen UN soldier receives blood plasma while being... - NARA - 542235.tif ✓ Done
47 Not the most ideal taxi way, but still not enough of a hazard to stop operations is this miniature lake formed by... - NARA - 542236.tif ✓ Done
48 U.S. Air Force B-26 (Invader) light bombers release quarter ton demolition bombs in a strike over North Korea. The... - NARA - 542237.tif ✓ Done
49 Air dropped by the 437th Troop Carrier Wing, paratroopers of the 187th Regimental Combat Team decend to earth during... - NARA - 542238.tif ✓ Done
50 Homeward Bound-A tight formation of B-26 Invader light bombers of the Fifth Air Force's 452nd Bomb Wing (light) do... - NARA - 542239.tif ✓ Done
51 Communist target at Korangpo-ri, Korea, left in smoke and flames after a raid by B-26s of the 452nd Bomb Group. - NARA - 542240.tif ✓ Done
52 U.S. Air Force F-80 Shooting Star - NARA - 542241.tif ✓ Done
53 B-29s of the U.S. Far East Air Forces speed to dump tons of bombs on the Chinese Red's military targets. In... - NARA - 542242.tif ✓ Done
54 This unusual photograph was snapped a split second after two napalm fire bombs were released over North Korea, from... - NARA - 542243.tif ✓ Done
55 About to step into thin air, a paratrooper of the 187th Regimental Combat Team pauses momentarily while the man below... - NARA - 542244.tif ✓ Done
56 Tokyo-This oblique photograph, taken by an aircraft of the 67th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing, discloses that the... - NARA - 542245.tif ✓ Done
57 Leaving a fiery trail, .50 caliber bullets streak through the night as maintenance men of the 49th Fighter Bomber... - NARA - 542246.tif ✓ Done
58 A U.S. Air Force B-26 light bomber takes to the sky on another strike against Communist military targets as an... - NARA - 542247.tif ✓ Done
59 Streaking north over the rugged mountain territory of Korea, these U.S. Air Force F-86 "Sabre" jets of the 51st... - NARA - 542248.tif ✓ Done
60 Torrential rains in North Korea which have turned creeks and tributaries into swollen flood waters pose no particular... - NARA - 542249.tif ✓ Done
61 FIFTH AIR FORCE, KOREA-As F-84 "Thunderjets" of the 49th Fighter Bomber Wing in Korea prepare to take off on an... - NARA - 542250.tif ✓ Done
62 View of RB-29 of the 31st Reconnaissance Squadron, somewhere over Korea. - NARA - 542251.tif ✓ Done
63 Smoke billows from Communist supply building at Sohung, Korea, after low level bombing raid by B-26s of the 452nd... - NARA - 542252.tif ✓ Done
64 TROUBLE FOR ENEMY TARGETS. FIFTH AIR FORCE, KOREA. This U.S. Air Force B-26 light bomber of the 3rd Bomb Wing has its... - NARA - 542253.tif ✓ Done
65 FEAF BOMBER COMMAND, JAPAN-With his head covered by a fur parka reminiscent of the men of the great Northwest, 1st... - NARA - 542254.tif ✓ Done
66 Ignoring a Korean snow storm, two ground crew memebers of the 3rd Bomb Wing work on an engine of a U.S. Air Force... - NARA - 542255.tif ✓ Done
67 Leaving a fiery trail, .50 caliber bullets streak through the night as maintenance men of the 49th Fighter Bomber... - NARA - 542257.tif ✓ Done
68 Fifth Air Force, Korea-Winging their way through the skies over North Korea, these heavily loaded U.S. Air Force... - NARA - 542258.tif ✓ Done
69 Fifth Air Force, Korea-Keeping a wary eye open for Russian-built MIG-15s, the pilots of these U.S. Air Force F-86... - NARA - 542259.tif ✓ Done
70 OVER NORTH KOREA-This photo shows the path of a high-velocity rocket from the point of its release to within a few... - NARA - 542260.tif ✓ Done
71 EJECTION OF A MIG PILOT - This unusual sequence of photos, taken by gun camera film of a U.S. Air Force F-86 "Sabre"... - NARA - 542261.tif ✓ Done
72 A view of a Freedom tent at Freedom Village, Munsan-ni, Korea, exchanging point of POW's (recently repatriated in the... - NARA - 542262.tif ✓ Done
73 At Panmunjom, Korea, exchange site, Major General Lee Sang-Jo Communist liaison officer, departs after agreeing in... - NARA - 542263.tif ✓ Done
74 HQ. FEAF, TOKYO - Pictured here is the Russian-built MIG-15 fighter interceptor which was flown to a U.S. Air Force... - NARA - 542266.tif ✓ Done
75 HQ. FEAF, TOKYO - With reassembly and ground checks completed, the MIG is taxiied to take-off position by a U.S.... - NARA - 542267.tif ✓ Done
76 Battle equipped paratroopers of the 187th Regimental Combat Team wait to board C-46s of the 315th Combat Cargo Group... - NARA - 542268.tif ✓ Done
77 General Maxwell Taylor and Brigadier General Ralph M. Osborne, CO. are shown in conference as they arrive for an... - NARA - 542269.tif ✓ Done
78 MUNSAN-ni, Korea- An unidentified POW (recently repatriated in the UN POW exchange) arrives by helicopter at Freedom... - NARA - 542270.tif ✓ Done
79 Litter cases of North Korean POW's are shown at the Communist receiving center at Panmunjom, Korea, during the recent... - NARA - 542271.tif ✓ Done
80 POWs (recently repatriated in the UN POW exchange) pose for a group photograph with their flight nurses at Tachikawa... - NARA - 542272.tif ✓ Done
81 During the UN POW exchange at Panmunjom, Korea, a Communist POW verbally abuses an American Army Major saying, "You... - NARA - 542273.tif ✓ Done
82 A group of POWs being interviewed by the press at Freedom Village, Korea, proudly display their camp mascot "Oscar" a... - NARA - 542274.tif ✓ Done
83 Aboard a C-124 "Globemaster" en route to Japan from Calcutta, India, A-1C Charles G. Campbell, Detroit, Mich., tries... - NARA - 542275.tif ✓ Done
84 A huge jet of flame shoots from the tail pipe of the sleek interceptor and splits the blackness of the Korean night... - NARA - 542276.tif ✓ Done
85 FIFTH AIR FORCE, KOREA-With a photograph of a Communist gun position in front of him, Sgt. James E. Kindseth moves... - NARA - 542277.tif ✓ Done
86 A Republic of Korea paratrooper deflates his parachute following a "three point landing" during a mass paradrop... - NARA - 542278.tif ✓ Done
87 A long distance from its home base, this mighty bomber of the U.S. Far East Air Forces Bomber Command approaches the... - NARA - 542279.tif ✓ Done
88 This is the Lockheed F-80C, one of the planes used for photo reconnaissance work in Korea. - NARA - 542280.tif ✓ Done
89 FIFTH AIR FORCE, KOREA - Its swept wings and sleek fuselage distinguish the North American F-86 "Sabre Jet"... - NARA - 542281.tif ✓ Done
90 Aerial photos made from low-flying unarmed U.S. Air Force jet reconnaissance planes revealed these barracks-type... - NARA - 542282.tif ✓ Done
91 COMBAT CARGO, KOREA - A helicopter, carrying two seriously wounded UN soldiers, is about to land gently at a front... - NARA - 542283.tif ✓ Done
92 This photograph vividly portrays the results of aerial bombing. When bombs from a B-29 formation thundered through... - NARA - 542284.tif ✓ Done
93 This photograph, taken in Pyongyang, N.W. marshalling yards, Korea, illustrates the aftermath of a bombing raid by... - NARA - 542285.tif ✓ Done
94 COMBAT CARGO, JAPAN-Clasping his wife tightly in his arms, aboard a Combat Cargo C-124 "Globemaster" just after it... - NARA - 542286.tif ✓ Done
95 A Japan-based "Superfort" crew in the last hour of sunlight completes its inspection of emergency equipment. As the... - NARA - 542287.tif ✓ Done
96 Capt. Eugene C. Cheatham of Montclair, N.J., serving with the Fifth Air Force's 67th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing at... - NARA - 542288.tif ✓ Done
97 Paratroopers of the 187th Regimental Combat Team put on parachutes and "Mae West" life preservers before boarding a... - NARA - 542289.tif ✓ Done
98 HQ. FEAF, TOKYO-Shown after their return to freedom in Hong Kong are eleven U.S. Air Force officers and airmen, crew... - NARA - 542290.tif ✓ Done
99 HQ. FEAF, TOKYO-Col. John K. Arnold Jr. (right), Montgomery, Ala., is escorted by Col. Herbert R. Volin, Tokyo Air... - NARA - 542291.tif ✓ Done
100 FEAF BOMBER COMMAND, JAPAN-A-2C Kenneth W. Roberts, of Weitchpee, Calif., assigned to the Japan-based 98th Bomb... - NARA - 542292.tif ✓ Done
101 Loaded with 500-pound high explosive bombs under their wings, these U.S. Air Force F-80 "Shooting Stars" are shown... - NARA - 542314.tif ✓ Done
102 COMBAT CARGO, KOREA - Paratroopers of the 187th Airborne Regimental Combat Team, seated in the cargo compartment of... - NARA - 542315.tif ✓ Done
103 OVER ENEMY TERRITORY IN KOREA-One of the nine missions assigned to the 315th Air Division (Combat Cargo) is the... - NARA - 542316.tif ✓ Done
104 Airborne Mercy-Whole blood is administered to an airborne casualty, enclosed in a metal capsule attached to the... - NARA - 542317.tif ✓ Done
105 FIFTH AIR FORCE, KOREA-Capt. Frank W. Corbett, 726 First Ave., Gadsen, Ala., climbs out of his U.S. Air Force 17th... - NARA - 542318.tif ✓ Done
106 Army medics carry wounded UN personnel to waiting ambulances, after the patients' arrival at this Tokyo base in the... - NARA - 542319.tif ✓ Done
107 315th AIR DIVISION, FAR EAST-One hundred paratroopers of the Indian Paratroop Battalion board a U.S. Air Force 374th... - NARA - 542320.tif ✓ Done
108 KOREA-U.S. Air Force F-86 "Sabre" jet pilot, Capt. Kenneth D. Critchfield, Fort Madison, Iowa, mounts to the cockpit... - NARA - 542321.tif ✓ Done
109 FIFTH AIR FORCE, KOREA-Six gunners join hands as a part of 17th Bomb Wing night interdiction teams in Korea - NARA - 542322.tif ✓ Done
110 A Korean youth, Kim Pak Soon, is taught one of the fundamental lessons of baseball-"get your glove up, and keep the... - NARA - 542323.tif ✓ Done
111 A U.S. Army soldier directs a UH-1 helicopter approaching to pick up injured after a paradrop in South Vietnam. - NARA - 542300.tif ✓ Done
112 At 5-55 p.m. on December 24, 1964, Viet Cong terrorists exploded a bomb in the garage area underneath the Brinks... - NARA - 542301.tif ✓ Done
113 Comedienne Phyllis Diller smiles for the camera as the Bob Hope Christmas show arrives at Korat Air Base, Thailand... - NARA - 542302.tif ✓ Done
114 ....Wolfpack pilots of the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing sweep Colonel Robin Olds away from his F-4 Phantom II aircraft... - NARA - 542303.tif ✓ Done
115 "Gunfighter" pilots of the 480th and 390th Tactical Fighter Squadrons from Danang Air Base, Vietnam attend a... - NARA - 542304.tif ✓ Done
116 The first five enlisted women in the Air Force (WAF) and the fourth WAF officer to be assigned to Vietnam arrive at... - NARA - 542305.tif ✓ Done
117 U.S. Air Force CH3E helicopter approaching landing zone in Southeast Asian jungle during operation "Pony Express." - NARA - 542306.tif ✓ Done
118 A U.S. Air Force airman distributes books to Thai children at Korat, Thailand. - NARA - 542307.tif ✓ Done
119 United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Richard Rolle of the 41st Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron gives a school... - NARA - 542308.tif ✓ Done
120 U.S. Air Force MSgt Jack Cheek of the 635 Security Police Squadron instructs Royal Thai Air Force Captain Kumron... - NARA - 542309.tif ✓ Done
121 United States Air Force Captain John R. Vydareny, vaccinates a Vietnamese woman against plage during a MEDCAP visit... - NARA - 542310.tif ✓ Done
122 United States Air Force Captain Wilmer N. Grubb is given first aid while being guarded by his captors in North Vietnam. - NARA - 542311.tif ✓ Done
123 U-Tapao Air Base,Thailand. Low angle, 3-4 front view of a U.S. Air Force B-52 aircraft coming in for a landing after... - NARA - 542312.tif ✓ Done
124 Para-rescue technician talks to Thai children who were attracted by the helicopter's landing. - NARA - 542313.tif ✓ Done
125 President of South Vietnam Ngo Dinh Diem, left, is welcomed in ceremonies at Washington National Airport. With him is... - NARA - 542190.tif ✓ Done
126 USAF - OPERATION PHI HOA II....Vietnamese paratroopers jump from U.S. Air Force C-123 transports in the initial air... - NARA - 542293.tif ✓ Done
127 Scene of Viet Cong terrorist bombing in Saigon, Republic of Vietnam. - NARA - 542294.tif ✓ Done
128 A Vietnamese woman weeps over the body of her husband, one of the Vietnames Army casualties suffered in the war with... - NARA - 542295.tif ✓ Done
129 Bombing of Viet Cong structures along a canal in South Vietnam. - NARA - 542296.tif ✓ Done
130 Members of the 101st Airborn Division shown aboard a USAF C-130 at Pham Thiet Air Base, Republic of Vietnam, for... - NARA - 542297.tif ✓ Done
131 Air Borne Sing-A-Long. Roy and Dale Rogers entertain crew members of an Air Force C-123 Provider during the last leg... - NARA - 542298.tif ✓ Done
132 Christmas Special - Bob Hope and his star-studded cast touched down at Pleiku Air Base, Vietnam, December 19, 1966... - NARA - 542299.tif ✓ Done
133 Letter received from General Thomas Handy to General Carl Spaatz authorizing the dropping of the first atomic bomb - NARA - 542193.tif ✓ Done
134 Air dropped by the 437th Troop Carrier Wing, paratroopers of the 187th Regimental Combat Team - NARA - 542238.jpg ✓ Done
135 At the time this photo was made, smoke billowed 20,000 feet above Hiroshima while smoke from the burst of the first atom - NARA - 542192.jpg ✓ Done