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Category:US National Archives series: Miscellaneous Vietnam Photographs, compiled 1958 - 1974
No. File Categorized?
1 Pausing for refreshments during their visit to Huu Thanh, a recently pacified village, three U.S. Senators on President - NARA - 541866.tif ✓ Done
2 Hollywood comedian Bob Hope joins dancers Harold and Fayard Nicholas in a dance step aboard the U.S. aircraft carrier Ti - NARA - 541852.tif ✓ Done
3 Watusi, Frug, Shimmy, Twist^ On a carrier^ It's swinging time on board Ticonderoga as Miss Joey Heatherton rocks out wit - NARA - 541853.tif ✓ Done
4 Twenty-one year old James R. Gould is the envy of 3,000 crewmembers as television actress Kathleen Nolan singles him out - NARA - 541854.tif ✓ Done
5 South Vietnamese soldier, 1966, 1958 - 1974 - NARA - 541856.tif ✓ Done
6 These young men, from all of South Vietnam's 44 provinces, will return to their native villages after 13 weeks' training - NARA - 541858.tif ✓ Done
7 Girl volunteers of the People's Self-Defense Force of Kien Dien, a hamlet of Ben Cat district 50 kilometers north of Sai - NARA - 541865.tif ✓ Done
8 Ontos on Chu Lai beach search for a defensive position shortly after descending from the landing crafts aboard the USS T - NARA - 541864.tif ✓ Done
9 One of the unique pieces of equipment brought to Vietnam by the 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile), U.S. Army, is the huge - NARA - 541861.tif ✓ Done
10 Moments before the U.S. flag was replaced by the Vietnamese flag, Vietnamese Air Force crewmen line up before one of the - NARA - 541860.tif ✓ Done
11 A young American lieutenant, his leg burned by an exploding Viet Cong white phosphorus booby trap, is treated by a medic - NARA - 541863.tif ✓ Done
12 This bridge over the Perfume River in Hue was still standing as these refugees fled across it to escape Tet fighting, bu - NARA - 541869.tif ✓ Done
13 The old and the young flee Tet offensive fighting in Hue, managing to reach the south shore of the Perfume River despite - NARA - 541870.tif ✓ Done
14 Stunned by the viciousness of a Viet Cong attack on their village, Vietnam war refugees ride an Air Force helicopter to - NARA - 541871.tif ✓ Done
15 The strain shows clearly on the face of this Vietnamese farmer, one of 4,500 who recently fled their homes to escape Vie - NARA - 541872.tif ✓ Done
16 A new market for "Tinh Thuong." Children gather before the market which was built with assistance from the government of - NARA - 541851.tif ✓ Done
17 South Vietnamese children, 1958 - 1974 - NARA - 541850.tif ✓ Done
18 Medical supplies by the ton, captured in Cambodia, include penicillin, bandages, vitamins and anti-malaria pills., ca. 1 - NARA - 541857.tif ✓ Done
19 It doesn't hurt, but it tickles. A U.S. Navy hospital corpsman, member of a USAID military health team, inoculates a flo - NARA - 541855.tif ✓ Done
20 Youthful hard-core Viet Cong, heavily guarded, awaits interrogation following capture in the attacks on the capital city - NARA - 541867.tif ✓ Done
21 Operation Starlight, a U.S. Marine Corps search and destroy operation south of Chu Lai. Viet Cong casualties stood at 59 - NARA - 541868.tif ✓ Done
22 Three Air Force F-105 Thunderchief pilots enroute to bomb military target in Vietnam pull up to a flying Air Force "gas - NARA - 541859.tif ✓ Done
23 Flying under radar control with a B-66 Destroyer, Air Force F-105 Thunderchief pilots bomb a military target through low - NARA - 541862.tif ✓ Done
24 Black smoke covers areas of the capital city and fire trucks rush to the scenes of fires set during attacks by the Viet - NARA - 541874.tif ✓ Done
25 Tank from 1st Battalion, 69th Armor, 25th Infantry Division, moves through Saigon shortly after disembarking from LST at - NARA - 541873.tif ✓ Done
26 Four Vietnamese and three Americans were killed, and dozens of Vietnamese buildings were heavily damaged during a Viet C - NARA - 541848.tif ✓ Done
27 Three Vietnamese women move back into the Cholon area after Viet Cong attack that left a two-block area leveled, in hope - NARA - 541849.tif ✓ Done
28 With fear and apprehension showing on their faces, and at the urging of South Vietnamese troops, women and children load - NARA - 541844.tif ✓ Done
29 One of 48 persons wounded by a Viet Cong explosion which killed 14 persons in Saigon awaits treatment in the Cong Hoa Ho - NARA - 541847.tif ✓ Done
30 Two battalions of Viet Cong systematically killed 252 civilians in a "vengeance" attack on the small hamlet of Dak Son. - NARA - 541846.tif ✓ Done
31 Almost 400 men, women and children massacred by the Viet Cong during "Tet 1968" were mourned at a common-grave burial on - NARA - 541845.tif ✓ Done
32 It doesn't hurt, but it tickles. A U.S. Navy hospital corpsman, member of a USAID military health team, inoculates a flo - NARA - 541855.jpg ✓ Done