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Commons:National Archives and Records Administration/Categorize/US National Archives series: Photographs of Marshall Plan Activities in Europe and Africa, compiled ca. 1948 - ca. 1989, documenting the period 1945 - ca. 1954

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Category:US National Archives series: Photographs of Marshall Plan Activities in Europe and Africa, compiled ca. 1948 - ca. 1989, documenting the period 1945 - ca. 1954
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1 Africa. French West Africa. Caterpillar bulldozers and scrapers, part of a shipment which arrived in the spring of... - NARA - 541632.tif ✓ Done
2 Africa. French West Africa. Baobab trees present a big problem in clearing the land for planting. Poison is bored... - NARA - 541633.tif ✓ Done
3 Photograph of Native Workers in French West Africa Learning About United States Machinery - NARA - 541635.tif ✓ Done
4 Photograph of Native Worker in French West Africa Operating Machinery - NARA - 541634.tif ✓ Done
5 Africa. French West Africa. This U.S.-made Buckeye ditcher is one of Economic Cooperation Administration's greatest... - NARA - 541636.tif ✓ Done
6 Africa. French West Africa. Currently the most important efforts of the Office du Niger are directed toward the... - NARA - 541637.tif ✓ Done
7 Africa. French West Africa. In the villiage of Niono, a native prepares thread - spun from locally-grown cotton - for... - NARA - 541638.tif ✓ Done
8 Africa. French West Africa. Another new villiage is Riziam, near the new Niono cotton region. Still under... - NARA - 541639.tif ✓ Done
9 Africa. Cameroons. When the log arrives at the Eseka sawmill, a Caterpillar tractor and Hyster arch are again used to... - NARA - 541640.tif ✓ Done
10 Africa. Cameroons. When a log arrives at the Eseka sawmill, a Caterpillar tractor and a Hyster-arch are again used to... - NARA - 541641.tif ✓ Done
11 Africa. Cameroons. Here the log is being picked up by the Orton crane to be swung to the conveyor belt, part of which... - NARA - 541642.tif ✓ Done
12 Africa. French West Africa. For generations the Niger River country has been populated only by nomads who wander from... - NARA - 541643.tif ✓ Done
13 Africa. Ivory Coast. General view of the paper mill, showing in the background the lagoon which leads to the port of... - NARA - 541644.tif ✓ Done
14 Africa. Cameroons. An Orton crane and a Ross fork-lift are among the American machines supplied by Economic... - NARA - 541645.tif ✓ Done
15 Africa. Cameroons. Lack of modern equipment made it impossible until recently to log many interior African timber... - NARA - 541646.tif ✓ Done
16 Africa. Cameroons. Economic Cooperation Administration money has also been spent on American tractors, bulldozers... - NARA - 541647.tif ✓ Done
17 Africa. French Equatorial Africa. Clearing the jungle and forest areas is slow going - NARA - 541648.tif ✓ Done
18 Africa. French Equatorial Africa. After the concentrate has been put through the final washing at the Central Plant... - NARA - 541649.tif ✓ Done
19 Africa. French Equatorial Africa. The old and the new - almost. The "wheelbarrow express" transports loads of... - NARA - 541650.tif ✓ Done
20 Africa. French Equatorial Africa. The zebu herd (oxen) arrive at Compagnie Miniere de l' Oubanghi headquarters in... - NARA - 541651.tif ✓ Done
21 Africa. Gabon, French Equatorial Africa. The rig is up, a native laborer sits sleepily on the scores of drill pipe... - NARA - 541652.tif ✓ Done
22 Africa. Gabon, French Equatorial Africa. Native workers assemble drill pipes, the rotary table comes from Beaumont... - NARA - 541653.tif ✓ Done
23 Africa. Cameroons. Athough cattle raising is restricted to the northern part of the Cameroons because the tsetse fly... - NARA - 541654.tif ✓ Done
24 Africa. Cameroons. Giant cranes like these jutting up over the construction work on the Eda dam have given Africa a... - NARA - 541655.tif ✓ Done
25 Africa. Cameroons. After the giant concrete blocks are set and ready for use, they are lifted into place by this... - NARA - 541656.tif ✓ Done
26 Africa. Cameroons. While the old port facilities are in constant use, work on expansion continues as long as there is... - NARA - 541657.tif ✓ Done
27 Austria. The Marshall Plan has favored many projects, such as roads, ski-lifts, hotels. designed to increase the... - NARA - 541658.tif ✓ Done
28 Belgium. One end of the main ventilation tunnels which will keep the air in the underground portions of the Junciton... - NARA - 541659.tif ✓ Done
29 Belgium. The Marshall Plan has helped repair the ruined docks and wharves of Ostende, one of Belgium's principal... - NARA - 541660.tif ✓ Done
30 Belgium. Belgian electrical engineers Georges Jean L. Van Antro, left, Georges H. Marchal, center, and Jacques de... - NARA - 541661.tif ✓ Done
31 Denmark. (A family on a farm.) - NARA - 541662.tif ✓ Done
32 Denmark. The Danish photgrapher who wrote this caption said, "Coal import is one of the fields where Denmark has... - NARA - 541663.tif ✓ Done
33 Copenhagen, Denmark. Copenhagen's colorful fish market is on Strandan Canal. The retail fish sellers, usually women... - NARA - 541664.tif ✓ Done
34 Denmark. Fisherman Holger Hansen, (of) the Skaw (Skagen), Denmark, ties shrimp nets. The big decorative green glass... - NARA - 541665.tif ✓ Done
35 France. Nicolas Derybalsky, Marseille dockworker, has practically no money to spare for clothes or furniture and he... - NARA - 541666.tif ✓ Done
36 France. Rail yard, Marseilles - NARA - 541667.tif ✓ Done
37 France. (Port) - NARA - 541668.tif ✓ Done
38 France. Marseille, France. The Harbor at Marseille is a very important seaport. Almost completely destroyed during... - NARA - 541669.tif ✓ Done
39 France. (Steel mill.) - NARA - 541670.tif ✓ Done
40 France. Standing in a bog of cement, laborer wiring on the stiffeners. Workers in background have received load of... - NARA - 541671.tif ✓ Done
41 France. Town of Nilvange. (Steel mill) - NARA - 541672.tif ✓ Done
42 France. UNDER A SMOKE-SMEARED SUNDAY SKY, steel workers's dwellings in Nilvange, France, look strangely white... - NARA - 541673.tif ✓ Done
43 France. Down the mountain back of Herserange, a few kilometers from Longwy, come the pipes which will one day carry... - NARA - 541674.tif ✓ Done
44 France. Longwy-Haut, between Longwy and Herserange. This is such a typical view - in each new town you seem always to... - NARA - 541675.tif ✓ Done
45 France. Pouring Bessemer (Thomas) steel. This converter has a capacity of 25 metric tons (about 55,000 pounds) and... - NARA - 541676.tif ✓ Done
46 France. (Steel mill) - NARA - 541677.tif ✓ Done
47 France. Note in background, ramp built over the strip for workmen to cross back and forth. On left side of the... - NARA - 541678.tif ✓ Done
48 France. Lamination of the hot aluminum and light alloy into sheets 90 centimeters wide - NARA - 541679.tif ✓ Done
49 France. Overall view of the locomotive section of the Mechanical Construction workshop - NARA - 541680.tif ✓ Done
50 France. American machinery at work on the canal near the power plant constuction at Bollene, on the Rhone - NARA - 541681.tif ✓ Done
51 France. Excavation work on the canal near the Bollene power station - NARA - 541682.tif ✓ Done
52 France. Marshall Plan aid to France included this Caterpiller bulldozer shown here arriving in 1949 to help rebuild... - NARA - 541683.tif ✓ Done
53 France. (Dam under construction.) - NARA - 541684.tif ✓ Done
54 France. The Agricultural Extension Services have done much towards popularizing the use of agriculture equipment in... - NARA - 541685.tif ✓ Done
55 France. Shown here is the Voelklingen Iron and Steel Works, largest steel mill in the Saar. In addition to numerous... - NARA - 541686.tif ✓ Done
56 Saarbruecken, France. Market day in Saarbruecken, the Saar's capital. The Saar is the most densly populated area in... - NARA - 541687.tif ✓ Done
57 France. Radium is being used by doctors to cure a nasal infection of this little girl in a French hospital. This and... - NARA - 541688.tif ✓ Done
58 France. Here Richard Kurfurst, of the Austrian Trade Union of Journalists (left) and Eugene Morel, of the autonomous... - NARA - 541689.tif ✓ Done
59 Germany. (Rebuilding) - NARA - 541690.tif ✓ Done
60 West Berlin, Germany. Marshall Plan aid to Germany totaled $1,390,600 and enabled that country to rise from the ashes... - NARA - 541691.tif ✓ Done
61 Germany. (Rebuilding) - NARA - 541692.tif ✓ Done
62 Germany. (Berlin) - NARA - 541693.tif ✓ Done
63 Germany. (A line of people with baggage in front of a pile of building rubble.) - NARA - 541694.tif ✓ Done
64 Hamburg, Germany. After the 1943 air raids, the port of Hamburg was strewn with sunken ships, like this Norwegian... - NARA - 541695.tif ✓ Done
65 Dusseldorf, Germany. A rainy night and glistening lights combine to make a pleasent scene of the main shopping area... - NARA - 541696.tif ✓ Done
66 Dortmund, Germany. Painter put finishing touches on Dortmund Housing Project, built to help bring labor stability to... - NARA - 541697.tif ✓ Done
67 Duisburg, Germany. The camera looks across the Rhine river to the hazy towers of Duisburg. Busy tugs, loading cranes... - NARA - 541698.tif ✓ Done
68 Germany. (Workers leaving factory.) - NARA - 541699.tif ✓ Done
69 Greece. Workmen grade the street in front of new housing constructed with the help of Marshall Plan funds in Greece - NARA - 541700.tif ✓ Done
70 Greece. Greek Macedonia - NARA - 541701.tif ✓ Done
71 Greece. Athens mine - NARA - 541702.tif ✓ Done
72 Greece. With Economic Cooperation Administration help, Greece is speeding up its exploitation of exisitng bauxite... - NARA - 541703.tif ✓ Done
73 Athens, Greece. Twenty-six telecommunications vehicles, of the lates design, have arrived here to hasten the... - NARA - 541704.tif ✓ Done
74 Netherlands. Viewed from a U.S. Army helicopter, a Zuid Beveland town gives a hint of the tremendous damage wrought... - NARA - 541705.tif ✓ Done
75 Netherlands. (Injured persons on a city street.) - NARA - 541706.tif ✓ Done
76 Netherlands. Land reclamation in Holland with help of Marshall Plan Funds - NARA - 541707.tif ✓ Done
77 Netherlands. (Workmen working on the framing of a building.) - NARA - 541708.tif ✓ Done
78 Netherlands. (Building under construction.) - NARA - 541709.tif ✓ Done
79 Netherlands. (An additional 480 square miles is being reclaimed with the aid of Marshall Plan counterpart fund. This... - NARA - 541710.tif ✓ Done
80 Netherlands. The urgency in developing the reclaimed land of the polders is illustrated in this picture, which shows... - NARA - 541711.tif ✓ Done
81 Netherlands. (An additional 480 square miles is being reclaimed with the aid of Marshall Plan counterpart funds. This... - NARA - 541712.tif ✓ Done
82 Netherlands. (Street scene.) - NARA - 541713.tif ✓ Done
83 Netherlands. Neth Peopll. Dutch Sea Captain - NARA - 541714.tif ✓ Done
84 Netherlands. After World War II, a string of barges passes through the lockgates of the Princess Beatrix sluice at... - NARA - 541715.tif ✓ Done
85 Netherlands. Marshall Plan contributed insecticides have been helping combat plant diseases and improve corps. Here a... - NARA - 541716.tif ✓ Done
86 Italy. Here houses in Sardinia are sprayed for mosquito eradication - NARA - 541717.tif ✓ Done
87 Matera, Italy. For Matera's not-so-poor, houses are already going up. The houses are for working-class people, for... - NARA - 541718.tif ✓ Done
88 Matera, Italy. Italy's government and America's Economic Cooperation Administration cooperate to build a new housing... - NARA - 541719.tif ✓ Done
89 Italy. Today many an Italian family comprising 4,5 and 7 persons lives in one room homes with inadequate plumbing... - NARA - 541720.tif ✓ Done
90 Italy. Trieste has received its share of insecticide thanks to Marshall Plan help. Here olive trees, which are... - NARA - 541721.tif ✓ Done
91 Larderello, Italy. The picture shows Larderello in the background with refrigerators and plant buildings. At left... - NARA - 541722.tif ✓ Done
92 Larderello, Italy. Across the fields of corn the steamlines lead to the power plant - NARA - 541723.tif ✓ Done
93 Larderello, Italy. View of cooling towers and steam transformers at Number 2 power station - NARA - 541724.tif ✓ Done
94 Italy. Here one of the ships of the Lampedusa flotilla, built with European Recovery Program aid, is launched at a... - NARA - 541725.tif ✓ Done
95 Lampedusa, Italy. Here fishermen return to Lampedusa, after two day's fishing off the Tunisian coast - NARA - 541726.tif ✓ Done
96 Sardinia, Italy. Monteponi mine - NARA - 541727.tif ✓ Done
97 Sardinia, Italy. The steam rising from the stacks comes from the Monteponi mine. Sardinian mines contribute a major... - NARA - 541728.tif ✓ Done
98 Italy. Building under way on the block which will house the new Economic Cooperation Administration financed... - NARA - 541729.tif ✓ Done
99 Italy. With the help of Marshall Plan funds, a new product rolled out of the factory, the Vespa Piaggio plant at... - NARA - 541730.tif ✓ Done
100 Italy. In the automotive industry, new machinery and equipment has been approved for five projects in France, Italy... - NARA - 541731.tif ✓ Done
101 Italy. The begining of the "1400" assembly line. The bodies are lowered gently onto the chassis - NARA - 541732.tif ✓ Done
102 Italy. In 1950, Economic Cooperation Administration's investment showed startling results, Fiat total production... - NARA - 541733.tif ✓ Done
103 Italy. In the automotive industry, new machinery and equipment has been approved for five projects in France, Italy... - NARA - 541734.tif ✓ Done
104 Terni, Italy. Photo shows steel workers streaming out of the Terni steel plant, north of Rome - NARA - 541735.tif ✓ Done
105 Sestri, Italy. Photo shows the idle shipyards of the Ansaldo San Giorgio shipbuilding company at Sestri, near Genoa - NARA - 541736.tif ✓ Done
106 Sardinia, Italy. This peasant woman carrying a heavy basket on her head, comes into Iglesias from one of the out... - NARA - 541737.tif ✓ Done
107 Iglesias, Italy. Along the Via Matteoti, main street of Iglesias, children stand entranced before a window display of... - NARA - 541738.tif ✓ Done
108 Matera, Italy. Still unaware of despair, a small boy of Matera, Italy, unconsciously repeats the gesture of his... - NARA - 541739.tif ✓ Done
109 Sardinia, Italy. The Sulcis reclamation project is located on the south west coast of Sardinia close to the town of... - NARA - 541740.tif ✓ Done
110 Italy. (A man smoking a cigarette) - NARA - 541741.tif ✓ Done
111 Italy. (People dining outdoors) - NARA - 541742.tif ✓ Done
112 Italy. (Destroyed buildings.) - NARA - 541743.tif ✓ Done
113 Italy. (A senior citizens center.) - NARA - 541744.tif ✓ Done
114 Larderello, Italy. Picture shows a steam geyser which has been opened at the mouth of the well in order to repair... - NARA - 541745.tif ✓ Done
115 Norway. (Shipyard) - NARA - 541746.tif ✓ Done
116 Norway. (Harbor) - NARA - 541747.tif ✓ Done
117 Norway. Four hundred miles north of the Arctic circle, and only ten miles from the Russian border, in the twin towns... - NARA - 541748.tif ✓ Done
118 Kirkenes, Norway. Kirkenes - destroyed city after war - rebuilt. Important here, Sydvaranger Steel Co - NARA - 541749.tif ✓ Done
119 Portugal. A peasant woman carries her truck-garden produce on her head - and the load looks as big as a small tree - NARA - 541750.tif ✓ Done
120 Portugal. In Portugal nearly everything is carried on the heads of the women. In the country, it is the exception to... - NARA - 541751.tif ✓ Done
121 Portugal. A portrait of one of the farm workers on the Sorraia area estate - NARA - 541752.tif ✓ Done
122 Portugal. (A man carrying a jug.) - NARA - 541753.tif ✓ Done
123 Portugal. In Barquinha, an olive grove, and the land being prepared for wheat planting. The land is hard, and the... - NARA - 541754.tif ✓ Done
124 Portugal. On the site of the new mill, a laborer puts his shoulder to the job of dumping a loaded cart full of dirt.... - NARA - 541755.tif ✓ Done
125 Portugal. Cork-tree groves near Vila Franca, the inland end of the city bay of Lisbon. Of all Portugal's exports, 22... - NARA - 541756.tif ✓ Done
126 Tomar, Portugal. The town of Tomar. On the border of this small square there are small inns (pousadas). Hotels are... - NARA - 541757.tif ✓ Done
127 Oporto, Portugal. Oporto street secen. The old city is represented in this picure by the bell tower in background... - NARA - 541758.tif ✓ Done
128 Portugal. Textile Plant - NARA - 541759.tif ✓ Done
129 Portugal. Textile Plant - NARA - 541760.tif ✓ Done
130 Portugal. A hydro electric project under construction - the dam on the Cavado River at Vend Nova. This is being built... - NARA - 541761.tif ✓ Done
131 Portugal. (Men working in a factory.) - NARA - 541762.tif ✓ Done
132 Portugal. Tests are carried out on a small scale model of the spillway for the Mabuba dam in Angola - NARA - 541763.tif ✓ Done
133 United Kingdom. England. With Marshall Plan copper and aluminum keeping production going, the British Thomson-Houston... - NARA - 541764.tif ✓ Done
134 United Kingdom. Clydeban, Scotland. First British all-welded destroyer get its finishing touches at the Clydebank... - NARA - 541765.tif ✓ Done
135 Unted Kingdom. Glasgow, Scotland. Men like these carry on the long tradition of shipbuilding in the vast yards at... - NARA - 541766.tif ✓ Done
136 United Kingdom. Consett, England. Night and day, seven days and seven nights a week, whirling smoke cloud rise from... - NARA - 541767.tif ✓ Done
137 United Kingdom. Clydeban, Scotland. First British all-welded destroyer gets its finishing touches at the Clydebank... - NARA - 541768.tif ✓ Done
138 United Kingdom. Birmingham, England. Here, side by side in the Longbridge works, Birmingham, stand Austin A. 40s for... - NARA - 541769.tif ✓ Done
139 United Kingdom. Clydebank, Scotland. Still a shapless frame work of steel scaffolding, this 28,000 ton oil tanker... - NARA - 541770.tif ✓ Done
140 Nomad, French West Africa - NARA - 541643.jpg ✓ Done
141 Germany. (Berlin) - NARA - 541693.jpg ✓ Done