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Paying public domain (French: Domaine public payant, Spanish: dominio público pagante) is a copyright regime where copies, presentations or performances of a work that has entered the public domain are still subject to royalties, which are payable to the state or to an authors' association. The principle is that revenue from the work of long-dead artists should be used to support creativity of living artists. It may apply only to certain types of work, such as folklore or traditional cultural expressions, and typically is restricted to commercial use. Paying public domain regimes have been introduced and withdrawn in several countries. They are still in place in several countries in South America and Africa.

When a work is in the public domain, the existence of a paying public domain regime may be seen as a "non-copyright restriction" which does not prevent the work from being uploaded to Commons, but should be respected by users of the work.

See also Paying public domain.


Country Public
Traditional Cultural Expressions Notes
Albania Royalty Folklore literary and artistic creations
Algeria Royalty Traditional cultural heritage and national works considered as public property
Azerbaijan Royalty Legal and natural persons of other states shall be entitled to use folklore expression outside the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan in commercial purpose only with authorization of relevant executive body and with payment of fee for use
Barbados Royalty? In respect of folklore ... the rights of the author vest in the Crown
Benin Royalty Expression of folklore , including products of folk art
Bolivia Royalty Royalty Folklore and crafts, national heritage and public domain
Burundi Royalty
Cameroon Royalty Royalty
Cape Verde Royalty
Central African Republic Royalty
Chad Royalty Royalty Unprotected works, expressions of folklore
Republic of the Congo Royalty Royalty
Ivory Coast Royalty Royalty
Croatia Royalty Folk literary and artistic creations in their original form
Cuba Royalty
Dominica Royalty? shall vest in the State
Gabon Royalty Royalty
Gambia Royalty Expressions of folklore
Ghana Royalty Royalty Expressions of folklore
Guinea Royalty Royalty
Kenya Royalty Traditional Knowledge and Cultural Expressions
Lesotho Royalty
Malawi Permit Expressions of folklore
Mali ? Royalty The right of exploitation of works that have fallen into the public domain is administered by the professional body of collective management.
Mauritania Royalty Royalty Traditional cultural heritage
Morocco - Royalty Expressions of folklore
Mozambique - Permit? Ownership of the copyright in works of folklore vests in the State ... The protection of works of folklore is not limited in time.
Niger - Royalty Expressions of folklore
Paraguay Royalty
Rwanda Royalty Royalty Expressions of folklore
Sierra Leone Royalty
Sudan - State is author Works of folklore
Togo Royalty Royalty Folklore
Zimbabwe Royalty Folklore
Uruguay Royalty