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2014 - August-September - Holidays/Vacations

The second August challenge features Holidays/Vacations. The focus is on the act of going or being on holiday/vacation, NOT PICTURES OF SITES AND SCENERY.

Ideally, each submission should contain a summary description of the subject in the file information, including the location of the subject, and relevant categories should be added to the files to enable other Commons users to find them and use them. Please take care not to violate copyright in respect of non-free creative works, and observe our educational project scope and the personality rights of identifiable people, or your files may be subject to deletion.

The challenge will remain open for submissions throughout August–September UTC.

Checklist for this theme:

  • Photographs must be the work of the nominator.
  • Photographs must be newly uploaded to Commons during the challenge submission period i.e. August–September 2014 UTC.
  • Submissions must be added to the top of the Entries section below.
  • Please do not nominate lots of similar photos; instead choose just your best and most varied images.
  • Restriction: The photos must be taken in July, August or September 2014.

Please note we are no longer using photo challenge categories.

This challenge has now closed for submissions.
Holidays/Vacations: EntriesVotesScores
Rank 1 2 3
Title German couple driving with a red Porsche-Diesel Junior
on the Silvretta Hochalpenstraße, a popular holiday
destination in Vorarlberg, Austria.
Cliff diving near the big cave at La Jolla Cove Beach in Ksamil, Albania
Author Stefan2901 Jarekt Pudelek
Score 46 32 22