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Commons:Photo challenge/2017 - November - Graves and Cemeteries

2017 – November – Graves and cemeteriesEdit

The new challenge features cemeteries, graves and ossuaries. You can upload scenic pictures but also specific burial places, especially if they show artistic values or belong to important or famous people.

Ideally, each submission should contain a summary description of the subject in the file information, including the location of the subject, and relevant categories should be added to the files to enable other Commons users to find them and use them. Please take care not to violate copyright in respect of non-free creative works, and observe our educational project scope and the personality rights of identifiable people, or your files may be subject to deletion.

The challenge will remain open for submissions throughout November UTC.

Checklist for this theme:

  • Photographs must be the work of the nominator.
  • Photographs must be newly uploaded to Commons during the challenge submission period i.e. November 2017 UTC (but may have been taken earlier).
  • Submissions must be added to the top of the Entries section below.
  • Please do not nominate lots of similar photos; instead choose just your best and most varied images.

Add your entry between the <gallery> tags as indicated. Gallery entries are placed each on a new line, and consist of the filename, a vertical bar |, and a description. For example:

Electric steam iron.jpg|An electric steam iron

For help on the syntax of entries in a gallery see Help:Gallery tag. Please do not add square brackets [[ ]] or include a thumb parameter or the full URL. The File: prefix is not required, but harmless.

  • Restriction: A maximum of four entries can be submitted per photographer.

This challenge has already ended. (refresh)



During the months of November and December Wiki Science Competition 2017 will take place in the whole world. You can win a prize!
Your images might meet the requirements of that competition, for example a tomb of a famous scientist can be uploaded to the general category. If so please consider entering.
Upload them here before this page.