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Commons:Photo challenge/2019 - February - Lakes/Winners

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Image Schröcken Körbersee 003 2009 09 08.jpg Okama crater lake, Mt. Zao, Tohoku region, Japan (north facing view).jpg Sunset over Houghton Lake, Michigan.jpg
Title The Körbersee with view to the Großer Widderstein Okama crater lake on Mt. Zao in the Tohoku region of Japan
has a circumference of 1,000 m and a depth of 27 m. The
acidic water-filled crater is called "Okama" because it resembles
a traditional Japanese cooking pot of the same name.
Sunset over Houghton Lake, Michigan.
Author F. Riedelio OKJaguar JoannaPoe
Score 16 14 12