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Voting is open to all registered contributors who have held accounts for at least 10 days and made 50 edits, and also to new Commons contributors who have entered the challenge with a picture.

Users cannot vote for their own picture.

Voters may select up to three photographs to award points to their 1st / 2nd / 3rd place images, but can give Highly Commended praise to any other photos they wish.

1st place ★★★ with *{{3/3*}} -- ~~~~
2nd place ★★ with *{{2/3*}} -- ~~~~
3rd place ★★ with *{{1/3*}} -- ~~~~
Highly commended with *{{0/3*}} -- ~~~~

In the interests of fairness, please try to review the images without looking to see who the photographer was and without looking at the current votes. That way, all the images get the same chance for your attention.

In addition to technical and artistic merit, voters should consider how well the photograph meets the challenge theme. Voting will be open for period of one month.

Voters who voted for more than one 1st, 2nd or 3rd place will have those votes converted to Highly Commended praises. Other votes not complying with the requirements will be removed. In some cases users might be asked to correct their votes after voting ends.