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Commons:Picture of the Year/2007/Translations

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POTY barnstar 1-2007.svg

Second Annual Wikimedia Commons Picture of the Year

(Preparation· (Translations· Discussion · Organising committee · Issues / Help

Introduction · Dates · Voting · Round 1: Galleries · Round 2: Finalists · Results · Ponkan cd.png Download

This is the place where all the messages and their translations are prepared.


Translation prioritiesEdit

Importance Item Explanation
1 Software Bryan's software on the toolserver is where people actually cast their votes.
2 Wiki pages
  1. info
  2. voting page
  3. committee page
These pages on Commons. They explain the POTY rules.
3 Sitenotice The notice is put in MediaWiki:Sitenotice at Commons (& other wikis if they choose).
4 Announcements To be posted to mailing lists and village pumps to alert people that the competition is on.
5 Template/banners Used on the image pages of images that are eligible in the competition.
6 Image captions One-line description of each image, especially needed for finalists.

Please consider adding yourself to the committee as a language contact, to assist users in that language!! We would like at least one person per language listed above.

Language progressEdit

Core target languages : (others are always welcome !)

Languages Language contact Software Wiki pages Sitenotice Announcements Banners Image captions
ar: العربية
de: Deutsch user:Dschwen   Done   Done   Done   Done   Done
en: English Bryan,pfctdayelise   Done   Done   Done   Done   Done   Done
es: español Boricuaeddie   Done   Done   Done   Done   Done
fa: فارسی   Done   Done   Done
fi: suomi AtteL   Done   Done   Done   Done   Done   waiting for the finalists
fr: français User:Pinpin   Done   Done   Done   Done   Done   Done
it: italiano user:Lucag   Done   Done   Done   Done   Done
ja: 日本語 kahusi, miya   Done   Done   Done   Done   Done
nb: norsk bokmål Jon Harald Søby
nl: Nederlands Bryan   Done   Done   Done   Done   Done
pl: polski mfloryan   Done   Done   Done   Done   Done
pt: português PatríciaR   Done   Done   Done   Done   Done
ru: русский putnik, Kaganer   Done   Done   Done   Done   Done
sv: svenska Lokal_Profil   Done   Done   Done   Done   Done   Done
zh-hans: 中文(简体)‎ User:HtchienFanghong   Done   Done   Done   Done   Done   Done
zh-hant: 中文(繁體)‎   Done   Done   Done   Done   Done   Done