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Commons:Picture of the Year/2008/Results/Round 1/Gallery/Arthropods

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Finalists in Category Emblems & Diagrams
8 awards in this class (Total: 39 + 40)
Also in this category

Vote File Votelist Author License
171 ☆1☆ File:Rust Mite, Aceria anthocoptes.jpg Votelist(*) Erbe, Pooley: USDA, ARS, EMU. PD-USGov-USDA-ARS
142 ☆2☆ File:Cicada molting animated-2.gif Votelist(*) T. Nathan Mundhenk GFDL & Cc-by-2.5
134 ☆3☆ File:LeopardMothBlueSpots edit2.jpg Votelist(*) Kevincollins123 Cc-by-sa-3.0
123 ☆☆ File:Caliphrodae head.jpg Votelist Richard Bartz, Munich aka Makro Freak Image:MFB.jpg Cc-by-2.5
91 ☆☆ File:PlatycryptusUndatusFemale.jpg Votelist Kevincollins123 Cc-by-sa-3.0
87 ☆☆ File:Lubber.jpg Votelist Tomfriedel GFDL & Cc-by-sa-3.0
76 ☆☆ File:Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Papilio glaucus Female 2838px.jpg Votelist(*) Derek Ramsey (Ram-Man) GFDL and some request
72 ☆☆ File:Schnepfenfliege Rhagio scolopaceus2.jpg Votelist(*) Richard Bartz, Munich aka Makro Freak Cc-by-2.5
69 File:Wasp March 2008-1.jpg Votelist(*)
63 File:Papilio Machaon caterpillar.JPG Votelist
59 File:Helioconius sp Richard Bartz.jpg Votelist
56 File:Grasshopper 2.JPG Votelist
54 File:Saperda carcharias02.jpg Votelist
52 File:Hoverfly December 2007-8.jpg Votelist
47 File:Inachis io top detail MichaD.jpg Votelist
47 File:Thomas Bresson - Machaon-1 (by).jpg Votelist
42 File:Spider and mites May 2008-1.jpg Votelist
41 File:Monarch Butterfly Danaus plexippus on Milkweed Hybrid 2800px.jpg Votelist
37 File:Enallagma cyathigerum 1(loz).jpg Votelist
37 File:Heliconius melpomene 2b Richard Bartz.jpg Votelist
36 File:Weiße Baumnymphe Idea leuconoe 4 Richard Bartz.jpg Votelist
35 File:Wasp colony.jpg Votelist
34 File:Papilio bianor Raupe LC0134.jpg Votelist
33 File:Blutzikade Cercopis vulnerata.jpg Votelist
33 File:Weiße Baumnymphe Idea leuconoe 5 Richard Bartz edit.jpg Votelist
32 File:Rhithrogena germanica subimago on Equisetum hyemale cropped.jpg (File:Ephemeroptera on Equisetum arvense.jpg) Votelist
30 File:Coenagrionidae2.jpg Votelist
30 File:Copal with insects close-up.jpg Votelist
30 File:Hoverfly April 2008-1.jpg Votelist
29 File:Argiope bruennichi 08Oct10.jpg Votelist
29 File:Spilomyia-sayi-001.jpg Votelist
28 File:Marpissa muscosa 4 Luc Viatour.jpg Votelist
28 File:Schizophyllum commune with Pollenia sp. male on Betula.jpg Votelist
27 File:Darter August 2007-22.jpg Votelist
27 File:Schwarze Habichtsfliege Dioctria atricapilla.jpg Votelist
23 File:Thomise 3.jpg Votelist
25 File:Aeshna cyanea freshly slipped Q1.jpg Votelist
25 File:Marpissa muscosa 5 Luc Viatour.jpg Votelist
25 File:Philaethria hecale 2 Richard Bartz.jpg Votelist
25 File:Tettigonia virdissima nymph on Phleum pratense.jpg Votelist
24 File:Argiope bruennichi QXGA.jpg Votelist
24 File:Caligo eurilochus 3 Richard Bartz.jpg Votelist
24 File:ColapteryxVirgo.jpg Votelist
24 File:Ischnura senegalensis August 2008.jpg Votelist
24 File:Vanessa February 2008-1.jpg Votelist
23 File:Argynnis adippe 1 Richard Bartz.jpg Votelist
23 File:Atractomorpha lata which copulates 08Oct4.jpg Votelist
23 File:Bug on grass.jpg Votelist
23 File:Dolichomitus imperator Oviposition R Bartz.jpg Votelist
23 File:Monarch Butterfly Danaus plexippus Vertical Caterpillar 2000px.jpg Votelist
23 File:Tanzfliege Dance fly.jpg Votelist
22 File:Butterfly August 2008-3.jpg Votelist
22 File:Formica cf lugubris 3.jpg Votelist
22 File:Gemeine Skorpionsfliege Panorpa communis 2.jpg Votelist
21 File:Leopard Lacewing Cethosia cyane 2 Richard Bartz .jpg Votelist
21 File:Weevil September 2008-1.jpg Votelist
19 File:Argyeus hyperbius original image.jpg Votelist
19 File:Grosser Wollschweber Bombylius major detail.jpg Votelist
19 File:Spider and bee June 2008-1.jpg Votelist
19 File:Spider and fly March 2008-2.jpg Votelist
18 File:Aphidoidea fight.jpg Votelist
18 File:The mantis which eats a Bee20080829.jpg Votelist
17 File:Libellula quadrimaculata 3 edit.JPG Votelist
17 File:Spider and fly July 2008-1.jpg Votelist
17 File:Swamp Milkweed Asclepias incarnata Insect Feeding 3008px.jpg Votelist
16 File:Image-Heliconius ismenius 2 Richard Bartz.jpg Votelist
16 File:Silver-spotted Skipper Epargyreus clarus Feeding 2116px.jpg Votelist
16 File:Snipe-fly Rhagio scolopaceus copulation.jpg Votelist
16 File:VierfleckLibellen 01.JPG Votelist
15 File:Auchenorrhyncha Anaglyph.jpg Votelist
15 File:Gonepteryx rhamni LC0158.jpg Votelist
15 File:Segelfalter04.JPG Votelist
15 File:Wasp May 2008-11.jpg Votelist
14 File:Bee March 2008-10.jpg Votelist
14 File:Dark Small-branded Swift.jpg Votelist
11 File:Arachnis picta.jpg Votelist
11 File:Crab Carpilius convexus.jpg Votelist
8 File:Stinkfliege Coenomyia ferruginea.jpg Votelist
(*) - All checked on votelist.