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Commons:Picture of the Year/2008/Results/Round 1/Gallery/Nature views

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Finalists in Category Objects and outer space
4 awards in this class (Total: 43)
Also in this category
Vote File Votelist Author License
184 ☆1☆ File:Pahoeoe fountain edit2.jpg Votelist(*)
174 ☆2☆ File:Mount-Yamnuska2-Szmurlo.jpg Votelist(*)
167 ☆3☆ File:Crepuscular rays in ggp 2.jpg Votelist(*)
141 ☆☆ File:Underwater mcmurdo sound.jpg Votelist(*)
137 File:Consolation-Lake-Szmurlo.jpg Votelist
117 File:Zuger See SK 0009.jpg Votelist
106 File:Peyto Lake-Banff NP-Canada.jpg Votelist
98 File:Iceberg with hole near sanderson hope 2007-07-28 2.jpg Votelist
95 File:D Hoarfrost1.jpg Votelist
95 File:Nebelostfriesland.jpg Votelist
94 File:Seascape after sunset denoised.jpg Votelist
94 File:Water mill Rosenmühle in Lower Saxony, Germany.jpg Votelist
93 File:Anse Source d'Argent 2-La Digue.jpg Votelist
92 File:Double-O-Arch Arches National Park 2.jpg Votelist
90 File:Grotte Saint Marcel bassins.jpeg Votelist
89 File:Grand Anse-La Digue-Seychellen.jpg Votelist
86 File:Mont Blanc du Tacul depuis l'Aiguille du Midi.jpg Votelist
82 File:Crepuscular rays with reflection in GGP.jpg Votelist
82 File:ChampagnePool-Wai-O-Tapu rotated MC.jpg Votelist
80 File:Anse Takamaka-Mahé-Seychelles.jpg Votelist
73 File:Seebruecke Prerow 002.jpg Votelist
71 File:Dead trees at Mammoth Hot Springs.jpg Votelist
68 File:Great Fountain Geyser Sunset.jpg Votelist
63 File:Landscape Arnisee-region.JPG Votelist
62 File:Sunset clouds and crepuscular rays over pacific edit.jpg Votelist
61 File:Passo di Giau.jpg Votelist
59 File:Aletschgletscher-Eggishorn.jpg Votelist
56 File:Sunset 2007-1.jpg Votelist
51 File:Reine i Lofoten LC0148.jpg Votelist
51 File:Mammothterracetrees.jpg Votelist
50 File:Beech forest Mátra in winter.jpg Votelist
49 File:PancakeRocks MC.jpg Votelist
49 File:Daisy Geyser erupting in Yellowstone National Park edit.jpg Votelist
47 File:FraxernVlbg1.JPG Votelist
45 File:Lienz SG8.JPG Votelist
41 File:Sulfur dioxide emissions from the Halemaumau vent 04-08-1 1.jpg Votelist
40 File:Tschierva glacier rework.jpg Votelist
39 File:Jalovec northside MC.jpg Votelist
29 File:Hot Springs of Pamukkale Turkey.jpg Votelist
28 File:Weinberg-Ipsheim-BurgHoheneck SK 0001.jpg Votelist
24 File:Lunar Crepuscular Rays 2.jpg Votelist
19 File:Rathen LC0154.jpg Votelist
13 File:Lava wildfire at hawaii.jpg Votelist
(*) - All checked on Votelist.