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2009 April - JuneEdit

FAs 2009 April - June ( 261 files in 3 months)
Filename Category No.
File:Tachinidae.jpg]] Arthropods 200904-01
File:Full moon partially obscured by atmosphere.jpg]] Objects 200904-02
File:Eden Project geodesic domes panorama.jpg]] Panoramas 200904-03
File:British Museum Dome.jpg]] Cities and related 200904-04
File:Geological time spiral.png]] Diagrams 200904-05
File:Pharyngeal jaws of moray eels.svg]] Diagrams 200904-06
File:Bois du Cazier 2.jpg]] Objects 200904-07
File:Buchenwald Slave Laborers Liberation.jpg]] People 200904-08
File:Lake Tenaya in Yosemite NP .jpg]] Nature 200904-09
File:Untersberg panoramic view winter.jpg]] Panoramas 200904-10
File:Gasshukoku suishi teitoku kōjōgaki (Oral statement by the American Navy admiral).png]] Artworks 200904-11
File:Assisi San Francesco BW 5.JPG]] Cities and related 200904-12
File:Kazakhstan Altay 2.jpg]] Nature 200904-13
File:Chapito.jpg]] People 200904-14
File:Doña juanita.jpg]] People 200904-15
File:Stained glass - Kutna Hora.jpg]] Archtecture (Stained glass) 200904-16
File:Gazania rigens var. rigens.jpg]] Plants and fungi 200904-17
File:Toshiba Vacuum tube Radio .jpg]] Objects 200904-18
File:Doorknob buddhist temple detail amk.jpg]] Objects 200904-19
File:Dirce Beauty Colobura dirce.jpg]] Arthropods 200904-20
File:Eichen-Schmuckwanze Rhabdomiris striatellus.jpg]] Arthropods 200904-21
File:Hoverfly May 2008-8.jpg]] Arthropods 200904-22
File:Solar coronae created by the steam getting out hot springs 2.jpg]] Nature 200904-23
File:Wendelstein 20090320 SK 002.jpg]] Nature 200904-24
File:Soyuz TMA-13 Edit.jpg]] Objects 200904-25
File:TerraformedMarsGlobeRealistic.jpg]] Objects 200904-26
File:Tachina fly Gonia capitata feeding honey.jpg]] Arthropods 200904-27
File:Wasp October 2007-5.jpg]] Arthropods 200904-28
File:Hoverfly January 2008-6.jpg]] Arthropods 200904-29
File:Beautiful Demoiselle Calopteryx virgo.jpg]] Arthropods 200904-30
File:Crab spider'Xysticus sp.jpg]] Arthropods 200904-31
File:Sarcophaga Bercaea2.jpg]] Arthropods 200904-32
File:Bowling Balls Beach 2.jpg]] Nature 200904-33
File:Doña ramona.jpg]] People 200904-34
File:Barnum & Bailey clowns and geese2.jpg]] Artworks 200904-35
File:Oppeln by night1.jpg]] Cities and related 200904-36
File:Markakol map-ru.svg]] Diagrams 200904-37
File:Kaipan 57 1.8T.jpg]] Objects 200904-38
File:El Gouna Bus R01.jpg]] Objects 200904-39
File:MK46 torpedo launch.jpg]] Objects 200904-40
File:PortraitOfAnIguana.jpg]] Other animals 200904-41
File:Pioneers pin rs.svg]] Objects 200904-42
File:Drum set.svg]] Diagrams 200904-43
File:Orychophragmus violaceus 0943.jpg]] Plants and fungi 200904-44
File:Echinocereus engelmannii and Cylindropuntia bigelovii at Joshua Tree NP.jpg]] Plants and fungi 200904-45
File:Laufwasser Kraftwerk Isarwerk1.jpg]] Nature 200904-46
File:Sunflower macro wide.jpg]] Plants and fungi 200904-47
File:Cologne - Panoramic Image of the old town at dusk.jpg]] Panoramas 200904-48
File:Upper Terraces of Mammoth Hot Springs.jpg]] Nature 200904-49
File:Chersonesos Bell.jpg]] Objects 200904-50
File:Chang Chun Shrine amk.jpg]] Nature 200904-51
File:Malfunctioned chute.jpg]] People 200904-52
File:Giant Marbles in Joshua Tree National Park.jpg]] Nature 200904-53
File:Homoneura sp.jpg]] Arthropods 200904-54
File:Alligator mississippiensis 2 babies.jpg]] Other animals 200904-55
File:Alligator mississippiensis yawn.jpg]] Other animals 200904-56
File:Mergozzo-0030.jpg]] Objects 200904-57
File:Seville bullring01.jpg]] Cities and related 200904-58
File:Piers Sellers spacewalk.jpg]] People 200904-59
File:Jak-18 Góraszka 2008 1.JPG]] Objects 200904-60
File:Merops bullockoides 1 Luc Viatour.jpg]] Birds 200904-61
File:Fireworks Whippets.jpg]] Other animals 200904-62
File:Goura scheepmakeri sclaterii 1 Luc Viatour.jpg]] Birds 200904-63
File:Sikh pilgrim at the Golden Temple (Harmandir Sahib) in Amritsar, India.jpg]] People 200904-64
File:Chelonia mydas is going for the air edit.jpg]] Other animals 200904-65
File:The Anti-Slavery Society Convention, 1840 by Benjamin Robert Haydon.jpg]] Artworks 200904-66
File:BMW Welt Night.jpg]] Cities and related 200904-67
File:Grise Fiord, Nunavut (2008).jpg]] Nature 200904-68
File:Lamium amplexicaule 0904.jpg]] Plants and fungi 200904-69
File:Tanzania map-fr.svg]] Diagrams 200904-70
File:Rosa-dos-ventos.JPG]] Cities and related 200904-71
File:Anas platyrhynchos male female.jpg]] Birds 200904-72
File:PolistesDominulus.jpg]] Plants and fungi 200904-73
File:Green turtle Chelonia mydas is basking on Punaluu Beach Big Island of Hawaii.jpg]] Other animals 200904-74
File:Pāhoehoe lava meets Pacific.jpg]] Nature 200904-75
File:Vitrail Chartres 210209 07.jpg]] Archtecture (Stained glass) 200904-76
File:Low brace Youghiogheny River Ohiopyle, PA.jpg]] People 200904-77
File:Assisi San Francesco BW 4.JPG]] Cities and related 200904-78
File:Jules Massenet - Le Cid 2e Acte, 3e Tableau - L'Illustration.jpg]] Artworks 200904-79
File:Mercury transit 2.jpg]] Objects 200904-80
File:Air Force Fire Training.jpg]] People 200904-81
File:A-18F after launch from USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72).jpg]] Objects 200904-82
File:Two male Giraffe are necking in San Franzisco Zoo.jpg]] Other animals 200904-83
File:Sybilla pretiosa Cryptic mantis Luc Viatour.jpg]] Arthropods 200904-84
File:Glaciers and Icebergs at Cape York.jpg]] Nature 200904-85
File:Hestiasula brunneriana 1 Luc Viatour.jpg]] Arthropods 200904-86
File:Israel Aereal Ropeway Masada BW 1.JPG]] Objects 200904-87
File:Formel3 racing car 2 amk.jpg]] Objects 200904-88
File:Tainan Streetscene amk.jpg]] Cities and related 200904-89
File:Fritillaria meleagris LJ barje2.jpg]] Plants and fungi 200904-90
File:Porto Covo pano April 2009-4.jpg]] Nature 200904-91
File:Inachis io on Salix caprea.jpg]] Arthropods 200904-92
File:Laufwasserkraftwerk Oberföhring Isarwerk 3 .jpg]] Cities and related 200904-93
File:Bad Hindelang panorama view from south.jpg]] Panoramas 200904-94
File:Laeken Se1aJPG.jpg]] Cities and related 200904-95
File:Sighisoara - covered staircase - inside view.jpg]] Cities and related 200904-96
File:Psetta maxima Luc Viatour.jpg]] Other animals 200904-97
File:Hinchliff - Marguerite Queen of Navarre crop.jpg]] Artworks 200904-98
File:Fagus sylvatica Purpurea JPG4a.jpg]] Nature 200904-99
File:Robert De Niro KVIFF portrait.jpg]] People 200904-100
File:Development of Green Flash.jpg]] Nature 200904-101
File:A surfer at the wave edit.jpg]] People 200904-102
File:E-2C VAW-115 CV-63 2007.JPEG]] Objects 200904-103
File:Balloon over Luxor - Egypt denoised.jpg]] Objects 200904-104
File:Leiocephalus carinatus armouri tree.jpg]] Other animals 200904-105
File:Cappadocia March 2006.jpg]] Cities and related 200904-106
File:Larus delawarensis portrait.JPG]] Birds 200904-107
File:B'nai B'rith membership certificate 1876.jpg]] Artworks 200904-108
File:North American B-25 Mitchell Góraszka 2007.jpg]] Objects 200904-109
File:McWay cove 1.jpg]] Nature 200904-110
File:Porto Covo pano April 2009-5b.jpg]] Panoramas 200904-111
File:Phoenicopterus chilensis Luc Viatour.jpg]] Birds 200904-112
File:Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Gate e amk.jpg]] Cities and related 200904-113
File:ComputerHotline - Pelecanus crispus (by) (1).jpg]] Birds 200904-114
File:North Point Sunrise 20090411 2791.jpg]] Nature 200904-115
File:Pedro Nunes April 2009-1a.jpg]] Artworks 200904-116
File:Midsummer Night's Dream Henry Fuseli2.jpg]] Artworks 200904-117
File:House sparrow portrait.jpg]] Birds 200904-118
File:Pyrrhocoris apterus LC0130.jpg]] Arthropods 200904-119
File:Torre Belém April 2009-4a.jpg]] Cities and related 200904-120
File:Albino Alligator 2008.jpg]] Other animals 200904-121
File:Graphomya eustolia.jpg]] Arthropods 200904-122
File:Pseudatelus sp..jpg]] Arthropods 200904-123
File:White Stork Weißstorch Ciconia ciconia.jpg]] Birds 200904-124
File:EbniterStr04.JPG]] Nature 200904-125
File:Venedig BW 1.JPG]] Cities and related 200904-126
File:Dame (Alice) Ellen Terry ('Choosing') by George Frederic Watts.jpg]] Artworks 200904-127
File:Mhorr Gazelle Close Up.jpg]] Other animals 200904-128
File:Joseph Martin Kronheim - Foxe's Book of Martyrs Plate I - Martyrdom of St. Paul.jpg]] Artworks 200904-129
File:Joseph Martin Kronheim - Foxe's Book of Martyrs Plate II - Death of Admiral de Coligny.jpg]] Artworks 200904-130
File:Joseph Martin Kronheim - Foxe's Book of Martyrs Plate III - Assassination of La Place.jpg]] Artworks 200904-131
File:Joseph Martin Kronheim - Foxe's Book of Martyrs Plate IV - Barnes and his Fellow-Prisoners Seeking Forgiveness.jpg]] Artworks 200904-132
File:Joseph Martin Kronheim - Foxe's Book of Martyrs Plate V - Latimer before the Council.jpg]] Artworks 200904-133
File:Joseph Martin Kronheim - Foxe's Book of Martyrs Plate VI - Bradford Appeasing the Riot at St. Paul's Cross.jpg]] Artworks 200904-134
File:Joseph Martin Kronheim - Foxe's Book of Martyrs Plate VII - Death of Cranmer.jpg]] Artworks 200904-135
File:Joseph Martin Kronheim - Foxe's Book of Martyrs Plate VIII - Prest's Wife and the Stonemason.jpg]] Artworks 200904-136
File:Ignis Brunensis Macedos Pirotecnia 2007.jpg]] Objects 200905-01
File:Rhombodera basalis 1 Luc Viatour.jpg]] Arthropods 200905-02
File:Laufwasserkraftwerk Muehltal.jpg]] Panoramas 200905-03
File:Beskid Śląsko-Morawski - panorama 2.jpg]] Panoramas 200905-04
File:Map of Europe, 1923.jpg]] Diagrams 200905-05
File:Dendrobates azureus (Dendrobates tinctorius) Edit.jpg]] Other animals 200905-06
File:Microwaved disks-cover fractal trees-scann Δ0050.jpg]] Objects 200905-07
File:Ulysses S. Grant from West Point to Appomattox.jpg]] People 200905-08
File:Firehole river at Upper Geyser Basin-2008-june.jpg]] Nature view 200905-09
File:Wildpferde Tripsdrill.jpg]] Other animals 200905-10
File:Ixodus ricinus 5x.jpg]] Arthropods 200905-11
File:Sterna maxima flight.jpg]] Birds 200905-12
File:Calidris alba group edit.jpg]] Birds 200905-13
File:Cell door detail.jpg]] Objects 200905-14
File:Sphaerophoria scripta .jpg]] Arthropods 200905-15
File:Under the horse chestnut tree2.jpg]] Artworks 200905-16
File:Juppentracht 08a.JPG]] People 200905-17
File:Matanaka - Granary, Privy & Schoolhouse.jpg]] Cities and related 200905-18
File:Elizabeth I in coronation robes.jpg]] Artworks 200905-19
File:Stocking factory2.jpg]] Artworks 200905-20
File:Prostitute tj.jpg]] People 200905-21
File:James Flamingos MC.jpg]] Birds 200905-22
File:Ice storm (1).jpg]] Objects 200905-23
File:Highfallsrochester.jpg]] Cities and related 200905-24
File:Niagrariverbefore.jpg]] Nature view 200905-25
File:Niagarablue.jpg]] Nature view 200905-26
File:Refraction of Golden Gate Bridge in rain droplets 1.jpg]] Objects 200905-27
File:Horseshoe Falls 2 Mt Field National Park.jpg]] Nature view 200905-28
File:Göreme Valley in Cappadocia edit1.jpg]] Cities and related 200905-29
File:Thure de Thulstrup - H. Rider Haggard - Maiwa's Revenge - Fire, you scoundrels.jpg]] Artworks 200905-30
File:Pelopidas sp.jpg]] Arthropods 200905-31
File:Calidris alba running 6.jpg]] Birds 200905-32
File:Calvin Borel.jpg]] People 200905-33
File:Ba b767-300 g-bnwa planform arp.jpg]] Objects 200905-34
File:Ceriagrion glabrum immature female.jpg]] Arthropods 200905-35
File:Thomas Bresson - Agrion élégant (by).jpg]] Arthropods 200905-36
File:Dalziel Brothers - Sir Walter Scott - Rob Roy in the Crypt of Glasgow Cathedral.jpg]] Artworks 200905-37
File:Langjökull Abyss.jpg]] Nature view 200905-38
File:Actitis hypoleucos.jpg]] Birds 200905-39
File:Petronas Panorama II.jpg]] Cities and related 200905-40
File:Island Archway, Great Ocean Rd, Victoria, Australia - Nov 08.jpg]] Nature view 200905-41
File:Nicholas Kratzer by Hans Holbein the Younger.jpg]] Artworks 200905-42
File:P-51 Mustang edit1.jpg]] Objects 200905-43
File:Leadenhall Market In London - Feb 2006 rotated.jpg]] Cities and related 200905-44
File:Honeymoon Bay Sunset 2.jpg]] Nature view 200905-45
File:Passerculus sandwichensis crop.jpg]] Birds 200905-46
File:Louis François Roubiliac by Adrien Carpentiers (Carpentière, Charpentière).jpg]] Artworks 200905-47
File:Andreas Waldherr Lavanttal Rallye 2009 2.jpg]] Objects 200905-48
File:Louis Huard - The Punishment of Loki.jpg]] Artworks 200905-49
File:Crocus vernus.jpg]] Plants and fungi 200905-50
File:Bohinjsko jezero 2.jpg]] Nature view 200905-51
File:Dendrocygna bicolor wilhelma.jpg]] Birds 200905-52
File:El Gouna Turtle House R01.jpg]] Cities and related 200905-53
File:Befreiungshalle Hall of Liberation Kelheim.jpg]] Cities and related 200905-54
File:House of horrors.jpg]] Objects 200905-55
File:Cactus flower unidentified.jpg]] Plants and fungi 200905-56
File:Homeless man, Tokyo, 2008.jpg]] People 200905-57
File:Kuznetsk Alatau 3.jpg]] Nature view 200905-58
File:Mt Uluguru and Sisal plantations.jpg]] Nature view 200905-59
File:Wadi Hitan (Whale Valley) Panorama.jpg]] Panoramas 200905-60
File:JackDelanolocomotiveshop.jpg]] Cities and related 200905-61
File:Vitraux de la basilique Notre-Dame, Genève 23.jpg]] Cities and related 200906-01
File:Tessellated Pavement Sunrise Landscape.jpg]] Nature view 200906-02
File:Sayornis phoebe CT3.jpg]] Birds 200906-03
File:Lophyra sp Tiger beetle edit1.jpg]] Arthropods 200906-04
File:Cheiracanthium mildei male.jpg]] Arthropods 200906-05
File:Homeless on bench.jpg]] People 200906-06
File:Argiope minuta 90525.jpg]] Arthropods 200906-07
File:Snipe fly Rhagio scolopaceus with dew.jpg]] Arthropods 200906-08
File:Colaptes auratus MP2 NR.jpg]] Birds 200906-09
File:Wind Turbines and Power Lines, East Sussex, England - April 2009.jpg]] Objects 200906-10
File:Charles Robert Darwin by John Collier.jpg]] Artworks 200906-11
File:Skyline Arch at Arches National Park-Unburnsky.jpg]] Nature view 200906-12
File:Edward Walsh - Queenstown, Upper Canada on the Niagara (a.k.a. Queenston, Ontario).jpg]] Artworks 200906-13
File:Carrots of many colors.jpg]] Plants and fungi 200906-14
File:Sleeping man in Ouagadougou.jpg]] People 200906-15
File:Gustave Doré - Miguel de Cervantes - Don Quixote - Part 1 - Chapter 1 - Plate 1 "A world of disorderly notions, picked out of his books, crowded into his imagination".jpg]] Artworks 200906-16
File:Thomas Bresson - Libellula depressa-6 (by).jpg]] Arthropods 200906-17
File:Cetonia aurata take off composition 05172009.jpg]] Arthropods 200906-18
File:Polemonium reptans 2009.jpg]] Plants and fungi 200906-19
File:Thiodina puerpera female 02.jpg]] Arthropods 200906-20
File:Tour Eiffel Wikimedia Commons.jpg]] Cities and related 200906-21
File:Thomas Bresson - Calopteryx virgo-1 (by).jpg]] Arthropods 200906-22
File:Battle at Lanka, Ramayana, Udaipur, 1649-53.jpg]] Artworks 200906-23
File:STS-125 Atlantis Liftoff 02.jpg]] Objects 200906-24
File:Bufo viridis female.jpg]] Other animals 200906-25
File:ISS March 2009.jpg]] Objects 200906-26
File:Odocoileus virginianus clavium male head.jpg]] Other animals 200906-27
File:Zygaena filipendulae on Avena sativa.jpg]] Arthropods 200906-28
File:Apis mellifera flying.jpg]] Arthropods 200906-29
File:Weisskopf Seeadler haliaeetus leucocephalus 8 amk.jpg]] Birds 200906-30
File:Łukasz Sówka wisniowy.JPG]] People 200906-31
File:Cu-Scheibe.JPG]] Objects 200906-32
File:Olympus Mons alt.jpg]] Objects 200906-33
File:Sainte-Enimie-Gorges du Tarn-Frankreich.jpg]] Nature view 200906-34
File:Bi-crystal.jpg]] Objects 200906-35
File:Lockstitch.gif]] Animation 200906-36
File:Opera Garnier Grand Escalier.jpg]] Cities and related 200906-37
File:720th Special Tactics Group airmen jump 20071003.jpg]] People 200906-38
File:Morogoro panorama.jpg]] Panorama 200906-39
File:Charaxes brutus natalensis.jpg]] Arthropods 200906-40
File:DTM Mercedes W204 DiResta09 amk.jpg]] Objects 200906-41
File:LandscapeArchPano.jpg]] Nature view 200906-42
File:PIA rendezvous-edit.jpg]] Objects 200906-43
File:The Organ at Arches National Park Utah Corrected.jpg]] Nature view 200906-44
File:Australian blenny.jpg]] Other animals 200906-45
File:Gallotia galloti LC0211.jpg]] Other animals 200906-46
File:Echium wildpretii LC0204.jpg]] Plants and fungi 200906-47
File:Shakespeare's King John at Drury Lane Theatre.jpg]] Artworks 200906-48
File:Child with Smallpox Bangladesh.jpg]] People 200906-49
File:Fly June 2009-1.jpg]] Arthropods 200906-50
File:Tortricidae Ptycholoma lecheana.jpg]] Arthropods 200906-51
File:AchenseeWinter01.JPG]] Nature view 200906-52
File:Bee June 2009-1.jpg]] Arthropods 200906-53
File:Church Mylau - side 2009 (aka).jpg]] Cities and related 200906-54
File:Saleina-2.jpg]] Nature view 200906-55
File:79 - Québec - Juin 2009.jpg]] Panorama 200906-56
File:Dagestani man and woman.jpg]] People 200906-57
File:Thomas Bresson - Ishn-eleg-2 (by).jpg]] Arthropods 200906-58
File:1580 Zelandicarum v Deventer.jpg]] Artworks 200906-59
File:Admiralty Extension from Horse Guards Parade - Sept 2006.jpg]] Cities and related 200906-60
File:Frankfurt Am Main-St Bartholomaeus-Der Pfarrthurm-Entwurf des Meisters Madern Gertener-um 1415-alternativ.jpg]] Diagrams 200906-61
File:Shipwreck Batumi Georgia R Bartz.jpg]] Objects 200906-62
File:Vexi Salmi.jpg]] People 200906-63
File:Anemone hupehensis var. japonica 1.jpg]] Plants and fungi 200906-64


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