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Voting periodEdit

  • Round 1 (Category Winners): from 2010-05-14T00:00(UTC) till 2010-05-21T23:59(UTC).
  • Round 2 (Finals) : from (UTC) till (UTC)

Voting eligibilityEdit

  1. Users must have an account, at any Wikimedia project, which was registered before 1 January 2010(UTC).
  2. This user account must have at least 200 edits on any single Wikimedia project before 16 January 2010 (that is before 2010-01-15T24:00 UTC).
  3. Users must vote with an eligible Commons account, or a SUL account which includes at least one eligible account at another Wikimedia project (or, if you can't use your SUL account at Commons, an account on Commons with its user page linked to an eligible account's user page on another WikiMedia project, and a link to your Commons account from your eligible account's user page. Note: The linking edits at each userpage MUST be performed by the account owner, to be considered valid).

Users can check their eligibility with SUL util and AccountEligibility tool


  • Even if a user has multiple eligible accounts, each user user can only cast votes from one account.
  • Votes from IP users will be considered invalid unless they are confirmed by a user with an eligible account before the end of voting in that Round.
  • Votes cast by ineligible users/accounts, multiple/duplicate votes cast in violation of the rules, sock-puppeting, and any other violations of the rules for voting in this competition, or of the established basic rules & practices for voting at Wikimedia projects will result in the votes being invalidated, and may result in the user being banned from further participation in the competition and/or other repercussions as necessary/appropriate.

How to voteEdit

Look through galleries for the current round of voting (please take the time to look at all the pictures in any category you choose to vote in!), click the "Vote" button below any image you wish to support, and vote for that image by using the template Template:2009POTY/Vote, signed with 4 tildes:


In Round 1, eligible users may vote for as many images as they wish to support (one vote per image).

The Round 1 Category winners and the top 10 overall will advance to Round 2 (finals) voting. If a category winner also happens to be in the top 10, it qualifies in 2 ways, reducing the total number of finalists.

In Round 2 (the Finals) each elligible user is allowed to vote only once, for only one of the finalist images.

Checking the votesEdit

Ineligible votes should be added colon ":" just behide the "#" (instead of removing) and template :

#:{{2009POTY-ineligible|username|user's signature}}

(comment with signature, if necessary); and the voters are to be notified that their vote are not eligible. The templates below may help: