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Frequently asked questions (POTY 2011)Edit

  • Q: Will my vote from beta-testing be counted, if I am eligible?
  • A: Yes, as long as the vote is valid (meaning we can identify the picture you have voted for, the picture was not added to the gallery by a mistake or vandalism and no error occurred). You can check all your votes in your contributions.
  • Q: Am I allowed to vote after the voting-period is over?
  • A: In short: We won't punish voting after the voting period. You can vote as long as you don't have to use elevated privileges for voting (if you aren't an administrator, you can vote as long as you are able to). But your vote can't be counted if you voted after we determined the result.
  • Q: The vote-buttons are disabled, MyPOTY tells me, I would be ineligible but I recently created SUL and I know that I am eligible.
  • A: First try to click on "Check again" in the eligibility-section of MyPOTY. If this does not work, click on remove in "MyPOTY" and reload the page. In case the problem still isn't gone, it may be necessary to delete the cache and the cookies in your browser. After deleting cookies you might be logged-out.
  • Q: Statistics — What do they show?
  • A: They are provided to show trends but are not necessarily correct. Invalid candidates and votes are included. Use them with care like you should do with all statistics you didn't fake yourself :-) I started collecting them on 2012-05-31 and took about 3 snapshots per day. So voting a file will not immediately change them.
  • Q: I am eligible because this tool confirmed it but POTY-App buttons are gray so I can't vote
  • A: You may have cross-site-scripting disabled. In this case POTY-App can't check your eligibility at your home-wiki. Or there are other problems. You can always vote without the help of the App: Click on the statistics-button, then on vote page, then add your user name in the same format as other users did before you. If you don't do it correctly, you will receive a message after attempting to save how to do it correctly.