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Commons:Preparin ae page fer tae be owerset

This page is a translated version of a page Commons:Preparing a page for translation and the translation is 100% complete. Changes to the translation template, respectively the source language can be submitted through Commons:Preparing a page for translation and have to be approved by a translation administrator.

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Here's the baseec steps that halp ye tae creaut an owersetable page that can uise the benefits o the owersetin extension:

Commons-emblem-question book orange.svg
Read this manual.
Och ay, ye shid: maist liklie, that's whaur the information that ye seek is waitin fer ye.
Wirk oot if the page is ae guid yin fer owersetin or needs owersetin.
Wirk oot if ye hae the abeelitie tae migrate exestin owersetins tae the new sestem. It micht be ae heap o wirk tae copie the auld owersetin intae the new. Gif ye'r no able tae spend sic time or ye'r no able tae finnd the proposed translation units in the new system, speir fer halp. Dinna gae aheid ontil ye'r sair that ye an the fowk that promised tae halp ar able tae migrate awthin wiin twa-thrie days, gif it's ae rule, een wiin twa-thrie hoors. Whather ye'v the capabeelities fer tae migrate tae the new seestem usuallie depends apo
  • The size o exeestin owersetins.
  • The status o the exeestin owersetins (outdated, current)
  • The page length and structur
File move icon.svg
  • Beispiel → Example/de
  • Exemple - Example/fr
  • Ekzemplo → Example/eo
  • Eksempel → Example/da
  • Local name → English name/langcode
Muiv aw o the exeestin owersetins tae the equvalent subpages. An Example: Gif thaur's ae French owersetin fer Example that's located at Exemple, ye hae tae muiv it tae Example/fr tae ensure the page histerie, that an aw serves fer the attreebution needin o the Creative Commons License, that aw texts at Commons ar licensed unner, is merged. Gif ye dinna muiv it, the subpages creauted bi the Extension (as soon as aen owersetin intae yin leid wis stairted) maun be deletit an the page whaur the owersetin wis copied fae maun be muived thaur (baith muivin tae an deletin ae subpage need temporarie onmaurkin ae page fae owersetin). Efter muivin, the deletit changes can be restored (Histerie merge)
Prepare the page fer owersetin. Some templates were designed tae halp keep it easie fer the owerseters. Mair halp is available in the manual.
Translate manual - Page example - 2. Preparations.png
Maurk the page fer owersetin (ye maun be an owersetin admin fer tae dae sae). FuzzyBot will nou owerwrite aw exeestin owersetins wi the soorce version (English). Sae hurrie tae complete the next step.
Translate manual - Translate example - 15. Translation memory.png
Paste aw o the auld owersetins intae the new interface. This can tak aen awfa lang time.