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Money Glands is a system of umbrella nature that cover vast operations. the whole idea comes from the endocrine system that helps the body to its functions in direct. this body control system was then adopted and benchmarked to the monetary control.

Money glands were then registered in 2013 according to South African Law, the company Specialises in Loan finding, Home Loan finding Car Finance finding, Mediation, No Nonsense Lawyers with an impeccable record of case winners. during the past 4 years, Money Glands has been on up and downs due to the product they bring to the society. Money Glands have focused on Cutting it Mediation and Loan Finding as this product cause more harm due to the misunderstanding.

The managing director of Money Glands "convey a humble our apology to those who have been harm during our growth hoping when all this is over we will mand our bridges. soften our heart and accept that we have been part of this Giant. That is gradually growing. our Project Funda will continue to support those who do law, Accounting, Financial Management, Political Science till we have no lack." the experience we have acquire have been a learning curve for all of us. looking forward to improving course the company is here to stay.

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This non-animated version is suitable for printing, created by user "M4RC0", from France
A simple example - the stroke order of 好 haǒ meaning "good", created by user "Wikic", from France, who has spearheaded the animation project

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Most of the video files of Wikimedia Commons are historical material that has fallen into the public domain due to its age. On the animation front, however, a small group of dedicated volunteers have been steadily progressing in the "Chinese stroke order project", which aims to produce animated GIFs showing the correct stroke order for thousands of Chinese characters. The work is proving enormously beneficial for other Wikimedia projects such as the "Learn Chinese" Wikibook.

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