Commons:Pronunciation files requests

The page contains information on pronunciation files used in Wiktionaries, Wikipedias and Wikidata.

File format and the storehouseEdit

Files need to be in ogg, wav or FLAC format (see Commons:Media help). Commons is the only place to store the files (do not store them on local Wiktionaries).


Where necessary, some inflected forms should be recorded too (Baum, Bäume; man, men; człowiek, ludzie; etc). Ideally the word should be repeated twice; by a man and a woman.

Naming the files, and the language codeEdit

xx-word.ogg, where xx is the ISO 639 code for the language.(For English, the code is "en") For languages that don't have two-letter codes, use the assigned three-letter code. If there are words that are spelt the same way, but pronounced differently, we add a number after "word" and include the explanation on the file description page.


Every pronunciation file should be put to a proper language category. For example, English pronunciation files should be under Category:English pronunciation category. So, please write like this: [[Category:English pronunciation|word]]

Additionally, please add "how-to-read" in the parameter. For example, the file en-man.ogg should be appeared under a letter "m". Write as follows. Note that writing |Man will put the file under "M" letter, which is completely different!

[[Category:English pronunciation|man]]


If you have questions or suggestions, please use the Talk-page for the discussion.

Help playing/recording *.oggEdit

For encoding Ogg Vorbis files, use quality 3.

How do I use the files in my Wiktionary or Wikipedia?Edit

You don't need to re-upload any files - they will be fetched from Commons. The syntax is [[Media:LNG-word.ogg|word]] (local example - example from pl.wiktionary - example from it.wiktionary - example from nl.wiktionary).

Alternatively, you may create a template "Audio" containing "<span class="audiolink">[[Media:{{{1}}}|listen]]</span>" (or something more complex) which will create links like this: {{audio|pl-niemiecki.ogg}} ( Result: listen ). The audiolink class must be included in your wiki's Mediawiki:Common.css by an administrator.

Where do I find/request a particular recording?Edit

ISO code Language
in English
Local requests page Resources
ang Anglo-Saxon Ábiddan rihtstefne category contents - page
ar Arabic category contents - page
br Breton category contents - page
zh Chinese category contents - page
ca Catalan category contents - page
cs Czech category contents - page
da Danish category contents - page
de German Hörbeispiele/Liste category contents - page
en English Pronunciation file requests category contents - page
es Spanish category contents - page
fa Persian category contents - page
fi Finnish category contents - page
fr French Demande de prononciation audio category contents - page
ga Irish Iarratais fuaimniú category contents - page
it Italian Registrazioni/Lista category contents - page
ja Japanese category contents - page
ko Korean category contents - page
la Latin Petitiones recitationum category contents - page
nl Dutch Ontbrekend geluid (requests are made by template) category contents - page
pl Polish Zamówienia na nagrania wymowy category contents - page
pt Portuguese Registros sonoros/Lista category contents - page
ru Russian category contents - page
simple Simple English Audio requests category contents - page
sv Swedish Önskemål om uttal category contents
sq Albanian category contents - page
th Thai category contents - page