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It is unlikely that this will be able to be enabled immediately if there is a positive response; it would not be ready until around July.

Initial requirementsEdit

Taken from mw:Article feedback/Version 5/Release Plan 2013#Checklist
Contact WMF developers
  Done - Andrew Gray in touch by email.
Community discussion
ongoing - see RFC
Consider a small pilot
We need to select specific collections/themes. (Details to follow)

Implementation planEdit

Various issues which will need to be configured or decided upon before a Commons release.

Plan your release
Namespaces and categories
Moderation tools and filters
Mask over inappropriate comments
Feedback link on articles
Auto-archive comments
Discuss on talk page
Abuse filter
Calls to action
Help pages
Metrics dashboard update
Editor Engagement Data


There are two major issues to fix for a Commons deployment - the name and the localisation.


"Article feedback" is certainly inappropriate for media files! Possible names: "media feedback"; "image comments"


Most AFT deployments are monolingual - German localisation for the German Wikipedia, etc. Commons has a multilingual readership and it would be good to invite comments in several different languages.

It seems that the messages for AFT can be drawn from a local MediaWiki namespace page. If this is the case, we may be able to use the language-switch template code to display multiple different languages in the same way we handle license templates.