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File description pagesEdit


Should the "Description" field of {{Information}} use {{multilingual description}}, or single language templates? Is there room for some text outside of them?


There is a discussion on a bot task for merging assessments templates together. In order for that to work, the {{Assessments}} template needs to support every ad-hoc parameter for Valued Images, as supported by the {{Valued image}} template itself.

License tagsEdit

License information can be split apart between the "License" field of the {{Information}} template, and the apposite "License" section. Custom license tags are being largely used on Commons, and they should be designed to be as machine-readable as possible.

Creator templatesEdit

They are almost entirely made of structured information, that should be migrated to Wikidata when arbitrary access becomes available.


The Wikibase software would allow more and more complex queries to be made across the whole project. However, the transition from categories to queries needs to be smooth, otherwise very large pieces of data could be lost.

Alternately, Wikidata could allow Commons to migrate away from the largely-broken category system and implement a tagging system instead. This would allow for more meaningful and complex queries and searches.


Gallery pages often contain unstructured data that cannot be easily understood by automated tools, but they can sometimes provide more accurate descriptions for entities.

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