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AutoWikiBrowser accessEdit


I like to drain flooded categories into new sub-categories. This can be repetitive. I have years of experience with AWB from Wikia. Thank you. 烤麵包機 (talk) 22:40, 15 July 2018 (UTC)
  Promoted. Please read the instruction written on Commons:AutoWikiBrowser/CheckPage#Rules_of_use. Thanks. – Kwj2772 (talk) 12:19, 16 July 2018 (UTC)




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Manfred Werner (WMAT)Edit

reason: I would need to upload an mp3, the complete audio of the press conference with Katherine Maher in Vienna last week (an excerpt can be found here File:Wikimedia Press Conference Uploadfilter Leistungsschutzrecht 2018-06-29 Katherine Maher.wav). It might be of interest for you that although I am new here as User:Manfred Werner (WMAT), working for Wikimedia Austria since June, I am an "old" member of Commons in private, as User:Tsui. Thank you, Manfred Werner (WMAT) (talk) 11:33, 2 July 2018 (UTC)
  Done Trusted and experienced user, clear rationale for the user-right. Jean-Fred (talk) 11:45, 2 July 2018 (UTC)


It would be helpful to be able to upload mp3s of church bell recordings since this is a more widely accepted format and the files are being used in Wikipedia articles. Thank you. Braveheart (talk) 22:51, 7 July 2018 (UTC)
  Done Trusted and experienced user. @Braveheart:. Green Giant (talk) 10:13, 8 July 2018 (UTC)


I would need to upload the MP3 file of my city anthem, so I can use it on the Wikipedia article of my city. I'm not very active on Commons, but I have a lot of edits on the portuguese Wikipedia. You can check the respective article right here: Cajamar). All the best, and thank you! --BRGustavoRibeiro (talk) 01:31, 8 July 2018 (UTC)
Your city anthem would most likely be copyrighted, BRGustavoRibeiro. So you wouldn't be able to upload it regardless. --Majora (talk) 01:45, 8 July 2018 (UTC)
  Not done @BRGustavoRibeiro: Please gain a lot more experience in this wiki. This permission is for trusted and experienced users, for which there is no fixed minimum but we would normally expect several thousand good edits. Green Giant (talk) 10:17, 8 July 2018 (UTC)


I am looking to upload a few pronounciations of words indicated on the Requests for Audio Pronounciation page. Not entirely sure what other format than mp3 I can easily have access to that is broadly used and will allow me to upload recordings of word pronounciations. perpetualtoday (talk) 10:55, 8 July 2018 (UTC)
  Not done @Perpetualtoday: Whilst enthusiasm is something to be encouraged, please gain a lot more experience in this wiki. This permission is for trusted and experienced users, for which there is no fixed minimum but we would normally expect several thousand good edits. Green Giant (talk) 10:19, 8 July 2018 (UTC)


I want to upload pictures for Martyrs' Memorial in Amman, Jordan and the number of pictures is more than 240 taken by me and that is much higher than the upload wizard limit. Thank you. مصعب (talk) 21:49, 13 July 2018 (UTC)
  Question @مصعب: will these 240 files be, in average, as useful as those 119 files? Will they also lack geocoding and bear few distinct descriptions? Will, in general, be uploads made in one-form-for-many-files fashion – or some due attention to individual files is expected? Incnis Mrsi (talk) 12:14, 14 July 2018 (UTC)

@Incnis Mrsi: yes will be useful and will be used in article namespace. Regarding description it will be unified for all files until upload is done and after that i will try to modify it accordingly to be specific for every different topic. Regarding geocoding i will try to use Wikipedia to extract geographical location for the pictures because the files lake the geocoding actually. Attention to certain pictures will be expected after uploading them will modify "individual" pictures that will be used is certain articles. Regards---مصعب (talk) 12:39, 14 July 2018 (UTC)

  Done Trusted user in lots of wikis. Keep Incnis Mrsi notes in mind, and I guess we can trust you in Commons to make wise contributions as you do in Arabic wikipedia. --Tarawneh (talk) 17:50, 14 July 2018 (UTC)
@Tarawneh, مصعب: please keep in mind that Jordan's Freedom of Panorama laws are not compatible with Commons (see COM:FOP#Jordan). Since the Martyr's Memorial in Amman is from 1977, it is likely that photos of the memorial violate the copyright of the designers/architects. Storkk (talk) 21:35, 14 July 2018 (UTC)
@Storkk: i will not upload them until tarawneh reply because i asked him if i can upload them and he said it is possible. Regards--مصعب (talk) 12:36, 15 July 2018 (UTC)
@Storkk: The Martyr's Memorial designs were created back in 1969, celebrating the 1968 Battle of Karameh. It is already Public Domain in Jordan. --Tarawneh (talk) 14:19, 15 July 2018 (UTC)
I also did not realize how short Jordanian copyright lasts. As long as the structure would be considered "applied arts", then it would seem to be OK per COM:CRT. Storkk (talk) 19:15, 15 July 2018 (UTC)

Translation administrators & GW Toolset usersEdit