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Time has taken its toll on a large amount of valuable historic media. The media restoration project seeks to do three things:

  1. Obtain high quality digitized reproductions of significant historic media (images, video, and audio).
  2. Train volunteers to restore historic material.
  3. Select and present material suitable for restoration.
  4. Grow the list of our featured restorationists.
  5. Establish best practices for restoration.

Visit our potential restorations page: high quality material screened by experienced volunteers for potential restoration.

A recording, a score, and a portrait is a drive to match free licensed music with related visual material in related sets. It is easier to translate a caption than an entire article, so this makes useful information about music available to a variety of languages.

A bust of Ludwig van Beethoven taken from his death mask.
Piano Sonata No. 28 in A Major, Op. 101: manuscript sketch for movement IV.

Library of Congress staff are updating the description. An excerpt of their reply follows:

Upon viewing the high-res TIFF file we made of the file, the human remains are quite visible, indeed. Thank you very much for contacting us regarding this image, and for your interest in our collections. You can imagine that among a collection of 14 million items here, there are a lot of secrets waiting to be uncovered!

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