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The National Archives of Sweden (Swedish: Riksarkivet, RA) is one of the oldest public agencies in Sweden, with a history leading back to the Middle Ages. The agency is responsible for the state archives as well as the regional state archives. Within the archives are also the Heraldic Board, the Military Archives, Svenskt biografiskt lexicon and Diplomatarium Suecanum.



A bit about why this is split up into projects


Letters by Queen Christina of Sweden

Letters written by Queen Christina of Sweden to Cardinal Decio Azzolino (written between 1666 and 1668). These were uploaded to Wikimedia Commons to coincide with an exhibition about the Queen. In total 80 letters, with a varying number of pages per letter, were uploaded.

See Category:Letters by Christina of Sweden to Cardinal Decio Azzolino (1666–1668) for all images

The Heraldic Board

Since 1953 the Heraldic Board (Swedish: Riksheraldikerämbetet) is a branch within the Archives. The board has a special responsibility for public heraldry in Sweden and decided in 2013 to contribute all their official drawings of the coat of arms for the Swedish municipalities to Wikimedia Commons.

All images were drawn by heraldic artist Vladimir A. Sagerlund apart from the National coat of arms which were drawn by Henrik Dahlström.

Note that some municipalities may be using other versions of the coat of arms than those designed by the National Archives.

See Category:Coats of arms by the National Archives of Sweden for all images

Swedish Medieval Charters

Diplomatarium Suecanum (Swedish: Svenskt Diplomatarium) is the national edition of Swedish medieval charters, and is a part of the National Archives of Sweden. Svenskt Diplomatarium has decided to contribute a selection of parchment documents to Wikimedia Commons.

See Category:Swedish Medieval Charters by the National Archives of Sweden for all images


All material uploaded by the RA-uploadbot or the Riksarkivet Sverige account comes from the collections of the National Archives of Sweden and are either in the Public Domain, due to their age, or freely licensed (with an associated OTRS ticket).

  • Where additional copyrights might be bestowed on the digitalised image theses have also been released under a free license so as to make the images easier to use in any jurisdiction.

That means that anyone can copy, modify and disseminate the images, but please keep in mind that the images have a context that can be lost if you forget to link to the file page here on Wikimedia Commons or directly to the website of the National Archives of Sweden.

All uploads go into Images from the National Archives of Sweden. To browse them it is however recommended to start with one of the project specific subcategories listed above.

To see how the images are used on Wikipedia you may use the Glamorous tool and to see how often the images have been displayed you may use the BaGLAMa tool.

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