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Robert “Rob” Lavinsky, PhD (view his biography on donated his complete picture database on, as well as all his pictures from his own homepage (collected in several galleries respectively alphabetically sorted by mineral name).

Technical partEdit

The pictures on mindat have been uploaded to Commons in two batches

by the robot RKBot, they have been categorized and mineral names and localities have been translated to German. The pictures are in Category:Images by Rob Lavinsky

To doEdit

Your help is needed to

  • translate the remaining descriptions

More pictures needed?Edit

The Arkenstone ( is happy to work with people who need mineral images for a variety of projects. Please contact The Arkenstone directly at with photo requests as this page is not monitored on a regular basis.

Image listEdit

The image list is obsolete now, since the comparison with the images will be done by the bot.

More recent images can be found on Dr. Rob Lavinsky's website,

Duplicate images and bad namesEdit

These exist, and are being collected at

See this discussion. Thanks, PDTillman (talk) 20:47, 11 June 2010 (UTC)