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The National Maritime Museums in Sweden (Statens maritima museer) is a Swedish public agency that runs three museums: the Maritime Museum in Stockholm, the Vasa Museum in Stockholm and the Naval Museum in Karlskrona. They constitute a national authority, accountable to the Ministry of Culture. Together, they protect and promote Sweden's maritime cultural heritage.


The ContributionEdit

More about the image search and touch table at the Vasa museum can be found at commons:Vasamuseet.


The imagesEdit

These images are either in the Public Domain due to their age or freely licensed.

All uploads go into Images from Statens maritima museer. To browse them it is however recommended to start with one of the following subcategories:

To see how the images are used on Wikipedia you may use the Glamorous tool and to see how often the images have been displayed you may use the BaGLAMa tool.

Reporting errorsEdit

Due to the fact that file names and descriptions have been automatically generated from old catalogue texts that may not have been recently edited, there may be information connected to our images that we would today consider racist, sexist or in other ways discriminating.

We invite users to report problems, factual errors or other metadata issues here: Commons:SMM/Error reports.

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