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This page lists freely available fonts for regional-specific glyphs. Please feel free to discuss this either directly on this page or if unsure, just use the talk page for remarks.

See also: Commons:Stroke Order Project/Han characters and Commons:Stroke Order Project/Graphics guidelines.

Simplified Chinese HanziEdit

  • HDZB_36.ttf - 汉鼎简楷体 - Hàndǐngjiǎnkǎitǐ - Simplified Glyphs
  • HDZB_7.ttf - 漢鼎繁隸變 - Hàndǐngfánlìbiàn - Traditional Glyphs
  • HDZB_74.ttf - 漢鼎繁中楷 - Hàndǐngfánzhōngkǎi - Some of both kinds

These are (supposedly; we need a primary source to verify that) free fonts that have been used so by Commons Stroke Order Project contributors. They can be obtained from

Note, however, that these fonts only contain GB2312 mappings, which will be unusable by graphics software the requires a Unicode font. This includes the Windows version of "The GIMP"! User:Tauwasser took the effort to remap these to the Unicode character set and has made them available at

Traditional Chinese HanziEdit

  • kai-pc.ttf - 教育部標準楷書 - PC version
  • kai-linux.ttf - 教育部標準楷書 - Linux version
  • ct.sit - 教育部標準楷書 - Macintosh version

These are free typefaces standardized by the Ministry of Education, R.O.C. (Taiwan). They can be downloaded from the R.O.C. Ministry of Education's National Languages Committee's website.

Japanese KanjiEdit

There are several nuanced differences between Kanji and traditional Chinese glyphs that makes it easy to mix up one's fonts. The grass-crown, for example, has three strokes in modern Japanese glyphs but four in traditional Chinese.

The Sazanami (now VL?) and Kochi-substitute fonts are free, but not nearly as nice as the Chinese fonts above.

An alternative is to simply modify the Chinese fonts to fit with the Sazanami shape.

Already checked...

Korean HanjaEdit

-- To be included --

Vietnamese Hantu and Chu NomEdit

The Vietnamese Hantu set is currently not encoded into Unicode! Therefore, we cannot say for sure that codepoints won't change! See w:Chữ_Nôm and w:Hán tự for further reading.

That said, there are plans for plane 2, the SIP (Supplementary Ideographic Plane), to contain these as the CJK Unified Ideographs Extension C. The original submission for Extension C has, however, been split into C1 and C2[1]. Part C1 is currently under review, the latest progress of which can be seen on the Documents for CJK Extension C Project website. There are currently numerous documents containing the unicode mapping for Extension C.[2]

The entries to Unicode should map according to the index in these lists.

Fonts available including the Han Nom characters (with future mappings) are

  • Han Nom A.ttf - contains additional characters not implemented additional to Han Nom
  • Han Nom B.ttf - contains characters in plane 2A7 (U+2A700 - U+2A7FF)

which can be obtained from the SourceForge VietUnicode Project. These, however, also lack mappings that were added in Unicode 5.0, so they may be a little outdated.

Basically, it hasn't been decided which glyphs will be adopted into Unicode. Current proposals may therefore become invalid and character codes might point to different characters alltogether. This would be an issue here on this project in terms of filenames referring to the correct image.


  1. See IUC22-328
  2. See's PDF and the Unicode Mail List Archive here and here.