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Structured Data on Wikimedia Commons is a collaboration between developers and the communities of Wikimedia Commons, Wikidata, Wikipedia, and sister projects.

The developer team consists of staff from both the Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia Deutschland. Community developers (tool developers, bot operators, developers at partner organizations) can also play a large role in this project. All the developed features are designed, created, tested and improved in close collaboration with the community of active contributors to Commons, Wikidata, Wikipedia, and sister projects. And we also warmly welcome active feedback from cultural institutions (GLAMs)!

Main contacts for the team


Wikidata and WikibaseEdit

The Structured Commons team during a project meetup at Wikimania 2017
Another team group photo during Wikimania 2017


  • Adam Baso, Director, Engineering
  • Ramsey Isler, Product Manager
  • Mark Holmquist, Lead Software Engineer
  • Cormac Parle, Senior Software Engineer
  • Matthias Mullie, Software Engineer

Community ProgramsEdit


  • Nirzar Pangarkar, Design Manager
  • Jonathan Morgan, Senior Design Researcher
  • Pamela Drouin, User Experience Designer
  • Niharika Ved, Design Research Intern

Search PlatformEdit

  • Deborah Tankersley, Product Manager
  • Erika Bjune, Engineering Manager
  • Stas Malyshev, Senior Performance Engineer
  • Erik Bernhardson, Senior Software Engineer

Mediawiki PlatformEdit

  • Brion Vibber, Lead Software Architect
  • Brad Jorsch, Senior Software Engineer

Support from other teamsEdit

Advancement, Operations, Performance, Legal, Security