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For general information about GLAM-Wiki partnerships, see
Data and media partnerships workflow for cultural institutions working with Wikidata and (structured) Wikimedia Commons

General informationEdit

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First GLAM projects with Structured Data on Wikimedia CommonsEdit

Information about the first GLAM (pilot) projects that will use structured data on Wikimedia Commons.

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Research and resources about GLAMs and (Structured Data on) Wikimedia CommonsEdit

How do cultural institutions use, and contribute to, Wikimedia Commons? What are their needs? How are their media files on Commons re-used by external platforms? The following resources provide insight and recent research:

Related to Structured Data on Commons:

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Metadata mappingsEdit

Mappings between the data model of Structured Data on Commons (and Wikidata), and widely used GLAM metadata schemes. This is work in progress; feel free to add more resources and help with the mappings.

  • Ontologies (general / high-level data models)
  • Vocabularies (keywords, terms) (work in progress)
  • Authority files (controlled lists of people, organizations, places...) (work in progress)

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Stay up to date and get involvedEdit

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Via this temporary, low-traffic mailing list specifically for GLAM staff, you will receive news about the project, and occasional small surveys and requests for feedback.

See alsoEdit

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IIIF: links, resources and discussionEdit

IIIF (International Image Interoperability Framework (Q22682088)) integration is not part of the development roadmap for Structured Data on Commons (2017-19), but there are several volunteer-driven IIIF tools. The improved Commons API (with structured data) will also make new IIIF applications easier to develop. This page brings together relevant resources around IIIF and Wikimedia projects.