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Dosya yükleme
The “Upload file” link in the left “participate” box

Artık oturum açtınız ve dosya yükleyebilirsiniz. Sol tarafta “arama” satırının üstünde “Dosya yükle” bağlantısını göreceksiniz.

Bağlantıyı tıklayınca, çok önemli bir feragatname içeren Special:Upload sayfasını göreceksiniz. Bu metin, bu siteye yükleyeceğiniz dosyaların kanuni gereklilikleri, ve lisanslar hakkında bilgi sahibi olmanız için okumanız gereken bir metindir. Bu gereksinimleri karşılayamayan dosyalar uyarı yapılmadan silineceği için, metinin tamamen okunmalıdır. In short, it is required that files may be reused and modified for any purpose with or without the author’s consent. In doubt, don’t hesitate to ask at Commons talk:Licensing before uploading your files. Generally, files published under a copyleft license—such as the GFDL (GNU Free Documentation License)—are fine, but compliance should always be checked first.

Below the legal text is the upload form. To select the file on your computer, click onto the “Browse” button next to the field “Source filename”. This’ll pop up a file selection dialog. Once you’ve selected the file and pressed “Ok” the text field contains its path. By default, your local filename will be used. If this is a non-descriptive name—e. g. a name like “DSC123456.jpg” from a digital camera—you can change it using the “Destination filename” field. Cryptic names for images render them a lot harder to find and use. And if you use a default filename from your camera , it's much more likely that someone else will accidentally overwrite your image. So please choose proper filenames for Wikimedia Commons. This is especially important, since you can’t rename a file once it’s been uploaded.

The upload form below the legal text

Further down is a larger “Summary” field. This is important as well, as an image without a description of its content is just about as useful as no image at all. Just describe it: what’s the subject? Where and how was it made? By whom? When? If any, which camera did you use? So please also respect these points:

  • If you made the file, just say so.
  • If you copied it from another web site, provide a URL.
  • If you copied it from another Wikimedia project, indicate which one (for example, "the German Wikipedia"), the author there, and the original title.
  • If you are uploading a modified version of a file, it is important to specify in as much detail as possible how you changed the file.
  • Sort the image in one specific gallery or category (please no connotation blaster).

A good standard way to properly describe your image is outlined more thoroughly later.

Please note:

  • For new users, there is 4 day period when they can't overwrite existing files (and doing so for images of others is strongly discouraged in most cases).
  • Proceed with the next page First steps/License selection which is a must read for beginners in order to make proper uploads.

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