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Template editor is a user right that allows trusted individuals to edit templates and modules that are protected with the "template protection" protection level. This level of protection is generally due to either a high transclusion count or due to the template being sensitive in nature (such as licensing templates).

Users with this right have the following rights:

  • Ability to edit protected templates (templateeditor)
  • Ability to enable two-factor authentication (oathauth-enable)
  • Ability to override the title and username blacklist (tboverride)


Editors may request the template editor right at requests for rights. Individuals looking to request this right should show that they have experience editing templates in a constructive way. Once granted template editors are expected to edit protected templates wisely. Granting of this right is at the discretion of the reviewing admin at RfR. Template editors are encouraged to use two-factor authentication.


This right may be revoked at any time due to abuse. Abuse may include any of the following:

  • Using the right to edit war on a protected template
  • Repeatedly breaking protected templates
  • Repeatedly implementing controversial changes to protected templates without at least attempting to elicit opinions on those changes first
  • Changing licensing templates without comprehensible reasons for doing so

Repeated changes to templates with a high transclusion count can cause server strain and licensing templates have legal implications behind them. Please do not rush and edit smartly when editing templates protected with this level.

Template editors are expected to remain active while retaining this role. No activity for a year means you are eligible to having the role removed.

Current template editorsEdit

There are currently 9 template editors and 218 admins (227 total).

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