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Commons Commander (CC) allows editors to add, change or remove categories on files by selecting them through thumbnails. These thumbnails are obtained through search or querying categories or user contributions.


  • Two-pane browsing (can be switched to one pane)
  • Browsing files by
    1. category
    2. uploader
    3. recent uploads
    4. file search
  • Filter current file list by title (e.g. all files in the current category/user file list with "Paris" in the title)
  • Thumbnails or detailed list, sorted by name, size, or upload date, ascending or descending
  • “Eternal scroll” - load some files initially, loads some more as you scroll towards the bottom of the list
  • Eternal scroll works for browsing files in a category, user uploads, and search results
  • Recent uploads will add new files every 30 seconds instead
  • Search for categories and browse the category tree in a special tab
  • Open a file description page on double-click
  • Select one or multiple files with Ctrl and/or  Shift keys, or with buttons at the bottom
  • Removing from / adding or moving to a category (where possible) by buttons in the category sidebar

The right-click context menu for files can be used to:

  • Quickly add a file to a category (or move, when browsing a category)
  • Rename a file
  • CheckUsage
  • Go to file view/edit
  • Show other files uploaded by the same user
  • Show related files (searches for “significant” parts of the file name)
  • Show categories of a file in the category browsing tab
Screenshot of Commons Commander running on Special:Commander: Categorizing files by dragging them from the user uploads panel on the left a category on the right
The right-click context menu consisting of options for opening and renaming the file as well as options to show the categories the file is categorized in.

How to useEdit

Commons Commander is a JavaScript tool. You do not have JavaScript enabled.

To permanently install Commons Commander:

Known issues/limitationsEdit

(Please add here or use the talk page to mention other issues)

  • Category view for categories with some special characters can only be opened through the gadget
  • changing categories with sortkeys doesn't work
  • Some may prefer "Single click clears other selections" and "Two panes" options to be de-activated by default.
  • "Make subcategory of" doesn't appear to work
  • If the confirmation screen to add/move/remove files lists many entries, use "tab" to reach the lower part of the screen
  • When searching for categories to add or move files to, the search is somewhat slow after the first three characters.