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Her tú kannst lagt titt verk upp - myndir og fílu sum tú hevur gjørt og tú ert rithøvundurin ella sum tú eigur loyvið

Til at leggja øðrum fílum upp sum tú hevur ikki gjørt, tá trýst á øðru link.

1. framtak Er hetta titt verk?
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  • Myndir ella myndahøll hevur tikið av:
    • landslagi, djórum, ella náttúru
    • viðgitnum fólki ella almennum hendingum
    • lutum sum eru ikki list (tólum, borðdiskum, o.s.f.)
  • Kort, ritmyndir, og ljóð sum tú hevur gjørt.
  • Verk sum høvdu verið gjørt av øðrum verkum sum almenn høvundaløg (atløguð verk) - eiga ikki heima her, tá tú skalt ikki leggja táar upp!
    • Skíggaskot av sjónvarpahendingum, kykmyndahøllum, DVD-diski, ritbúnaði, ella forritum
    • Myndir av listaverki, styttu, sølulýsing, ella pøkkum sum hevur sølulýsing
    • Drawings of copyrighted characters from TV, Comics, or Movies, even if you drew them yourself.
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2. framtak Help people find this file. (Commons has over a million files)
  • Change the destination filename to something descriptive. Don't use default filenames!
  • Use the information box on the right
  • Write a clear description for the work you are uploading.
    Try to help people searching commons find your work.
  • Use the CommonSense tool to find categories.
  • Consider adding location data to your image, see Commons:Geocoding for more information.
Copy this into the summary box
and fill out the details
|Author= MyName (~~~) 
3. framtak Select a Free Content license for your work.
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When you upload your work to commons you are donating it to the world by using a free content license which allow everyone to use, modify, and redistribute your work for any purpose. This donation is non-revocable. Although you retain the copyright to your work, all works submitted to commons must have at least these freedoms. To learn more about the charitable mission of the Wikimedia Foundation visit the foundation website.

  • Commons offers multiple licensing options. They differ primarily in their attribution requirements and the existence of additional terms that require works based on your work to be under similar free terms.
  • Choose a license from the drop-down box, or write one in the summary box (from Commons:Copyright tags).
  • It is your responsibility to understand what rights you are keeping for yourself.
Other tips
  • Upload the highest resolution file you have, and don't watermark your work.
  • Only upload file types which Commons accepts (SVG, PNG, JPG, GIF, Ogg, DjVU, ...).
  • Compromising or embarrassing images of non-public people taken without their knowledge are often problematic. Use good judgment.
  • Wikimedia Commons is for educational or informational content.