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VicunaUploader logo.png VicuñaUploader (остання версія: 1.23)

VicuñaUploader is an open-source tool written in Java designed to upload files to Wikimedia Commons and other Wikimedia projects.


VicuñaUploader дещо нагадує Commonist, однак має більший функціонал та інший користувацький інтерфейс, а саме:

  • It saves metadata in session.xml file: it is possible to prepare files for upload off-line
  • Перевіряє імена файлів перед відправленням їх до ВікіСховища.
  • It supports choice of categories (almost in the same way as Upload Wizard does, and with semicolons rather than pipes as Commonist)
  • It supports geotagging (by simple one-click on a map window)
  • It supports chunked uploads
  • It supports batch upload and can read the file descriptions from local files, however each batch must have the same description. Select a txt file from Tools > Settings > Program > Advanced; add your files in the main screen; all files will now have the content of the text file as their description.

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