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video2commons is a tool to upload videos from a url to Wikimedia Commons, it automatically converts the video to a Commons compatible format. It includes functions such as removing audio, subtitles, video. The tool uses OAuth to login.

How it worksEdit

  1. Login to the tool
  2. Press "Add task…"
  3. Choose the video you want to convert
  4. Fill in the template for file description and add categories
  5. The conversion will start on the cloud:
    • the first step will show a loading bar
    • the second step will show a advancement bar, with an indication of the percentage remaining
  6. The converted video is automatically uploaded to Commons

Note that you cannot upload a file if there is an existing description page on Commons by that name.

You can close your browser while the task is ongoing, since the conversion is made on the server, not on your computer.

You can also add more tasks. They will be added to the queue and published when done.